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Anti-Ragging Policy


“Ragging is any disorderly conduct by words or action whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has teasing, treating or handling with rudeness any student, indulging in rowdy or undisciplined activities which cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm to a junior student creating a sense of shame and embarrassment, adversely affecting the psyche of the junior student/ fresher.”

College/ University campus is a place to find valuable friendship and to cherish unforgettable moments. We, here at Chandigarh University strongly condemn any kind of ragging practices. We at Chandigarh University are extra vigilant to ensure smooth induction of new students into the CU family.

Myths & Facts about Ragging


  • It makes the student bold and strong and prepares for difficult circumstances
  • Ragging helps in breaking the ice between the seniors and the juniors.


  • Boldness as instigated by ragging is a very weak concept.
  • It’s an archaic method of interaction with several harmful effects.
  • It alienates the student and harms the mental health.

Ragging at CU shall be

How do we support Anti-Ragging

  • All students are made to sign anti-ragging declaration.
  • Bill boards are printed and affixed at all places frequented by the students to Include foyers of all the buildings, common rooms, canteen, messes, gymnasiums, labs & libraries etc.
  • Mobile patrols consisting of security personnel patrol the campus area to ward off any unpleasant occurrence.
  • Due announcements are made during all opening inaugural ceremonies of various courses to apprise students of the anti-ragging measures.
  • Telephone numbers of various important functionaries are provided to all new students to enable them to report any attempt of ragging.
  • Suggestions/Complaint boxes are positioned at all Important places to enable students to inform management of any case of ragging, in case any individual does not want to disclose his/her identity.
  • Active Anti-Ragging squad and Anti-ragging committee
  • Strict vigil by faculty members
  • Promote cultural and sports activities for healthy fresher- senior interaction.
  • Surprise checks are conducted at night at different timings to ensure that no ragging takes place in the hostels.
  • New students are generally allotted rooms together on a separate floor/wing to rule out chances of ragging of students during Initial stages of 1st Semester.
  • Pro-active vigil is kept all the time especially during night hours during welcome party or other functions going on in the hostel and campus.
  • All faculty members ensure that all classes are run as per stipulated timing and under no circumstances, classes be started late or left early to give a chance to seniors to Indulge into undesirable activities.

We are convinced by the magnitude of this menace and stand by our unwavering aim to make our campus ragging free.
So, Don’t be a victim or even a witness- just stand against RAGGING because we are with you at every step you embark on your new journey in the CU world.

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