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Best Liberal Arts and Humanities College in Punjab, India

Welcome to the University Institute of Liberal Arts and Humanities at Chandigarh University (UILAH), a dynamic and thought-provoking place where learning crosses boundaries and celebrates the spirit of inquiry. UILAH is more than just a place to study; it's a centre of cultural diversity focusing all learning on critical thinking, creativity, research and communication skills that shapes students to succeed in a multicultural world that is constantly evolving.

Beyond your Curriculum

Humanities consist of a number of disciplines and each discipline projects diverse future scope in the forthcoming years.

Message from Director, UILAH

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Dr. Ashita Chadha

Director UILAH

I am happy to share about University Institute of Liberal Arts and Humanities (UILAH) of Chandigarh University, which blends modern education with cutting edge technology in its curriculum. Liberal Arts classes focus on developing soft skills, like formulating arguments, solving problems, communicating, or analysing ideas, problems, and solutions. Liberal Arts is broader, and it includes Humanities, as well as other subdisciplines, like Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Mathematics. This allows Liberal Arts students to develop the soft skills we’ve already mentioned (critical thinking, problem-solving), which can be applied at any job.

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Liberal Talks

An open dialogue for thought-provoking discussion on liberal ideals and progressive values. Embarking on a journey into the heart of liberal thought, exploring its core principles, the evolving landscape of liberal ideas, and the imperative role it plays in shaping societies around the world, Liberal Talks assists to explore forward-thinking discourse. It is a philosophy that champions the idea that diverse perspectives and inclusive policies are the bedrock of a flourishing society.

Making of the India’s Monetary Policy

The experts delved on RBI's monetary policy 2023 and apprised the students of the highlights of Monetary policy 2023. The experts talked about the course for monetary policy that aimed at navigating the Indian economy through a period of transformation and resilience-building. The experts focused on how against the backdrop of global economic shifts and domestic reforms, the RBI has pursued a balanced approach, carefully calibrating interest rates to support growth while containing inflationary pressures.

Interactive Civilizations: A Case Study of Ajanta Heritage

The expert, Prof. (Dr) Yasuko Fukuyama, gave an introduction to Ajanta Heritage as a field of study. He spoke about the Common culture between India and Japan and how as a branch of study it offers a scope of research and further exploration. She explained how her study is different from other studies. She also shared the information about the various thinkers who are associated with her project, apprising the students with the various research practices.

Impressionist Club

The club promotes the participation of students in activities associate with building intellectual thought. Recently it has organized a Youth Parliament, The Toastmaster Competition, a Theater workshop, Design thinking Project Competition

International Faculty Exchange

International Faculty Exchange aims to expose students to international faculty members, promote international curricula and joint teaching programs, integrate activities with students from universities in different countries and open doors to possibilities for future collaborations.

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The University Institute of Liberal Arts and Humanities (UILAH) offers contemporary, broad-based curriculum that transcends traditional discipline boundaries, redefining education benchmarks. Our focus on liberal education gives students the opportunity to interact with a variety of ideology, fostering their curiosity to imbibe new concepts, critically think for decision making, and draw connections across disciplines. UILAH fuels your passion by offering a wide range of courses in Social Sciences- Psychology, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Geography, Humanities- Literature, Philosophy, History, Foreign Languages or the Performing Arts- Theatre that lets you customise your education to fit your own goals and interests. Students may choose from a wide array of minors ranging from Artificial Intelligence, Management, Media Studies, Design etc. Our committed faculty of accomplished academics, researchers, and practitioners are devoted to creating a welcoming and intellectually engaging learning environment. They mentor students to think rationally, evaluate difficult problems, and acquire abilities needed for lifelong learning necessary in the dynamic world.

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Level of Study:

Under-Graduate & Post-Graduate

UILAH Departments

An Array of Industry-Aligned University Institute of Liberal Arts and Humanities (UILAH) Programs for you

Dreaming of studying abroad?

Under Chandigarh University's International Transfer Program (ITP), you can also choose to pursue your degree in a top-notch college or university abroad.

Study Abroad Programs offered in the following Countries
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Degree with
International Recognition
Work Permit
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allowed up to 20hr/week
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Degree with
International Recognition

A degree with international recognition will provide you multifold benefits in your academic and professional life.

  • Increases your employability
  • Magnifies the value of your degree
  • Reforms your professional portfolio
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Work Permit
after Graduation

The International Transfer Programs also provides you with the chance to pursue international professional prospects after your graduation.

  • Work Visa Rights
  • Applicable to any degree of 1-3 years
  • Enhanced professional opportunities
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High Visa
Success rate

Chandigarh University’s ITP does not only allows you choose from top foreign universities but also amplifies your Visa success rate.

  • Intensive Interview Training
  • Assistance in Visa filing & Documentation process
  • Career Counselling
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When you are exposed to a larger community and a larger world, you are bound to come across bigger opportunities.

  • Build new connections
  • Amplify your professional and social skills
  • Acquaintance with different cultures
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Part-time work
allowed up to 20hr/week

A balanced approach allowing you to pursue part-time work while studying.

  • Work up to 20hr/week
  • Manage your finances
  • Garner work experience

Upgrade your skills with our most sought-after Specializations

Explore your interests in greater depth and enhance your set of skills with the most in-demand specialization programs.

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Chandigarh University has Welcomed Students from more than 50 Countries

With more than 100+ Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral programs to choose from, CU is one of the highly preferred destinations for International Students.

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