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Information Sought Under the Act Would Be Scrutinized and Considered if the Rti Application Received by Chandigarh University Fulfills the Criteria for Providing the Information Sought and Is in Accordance With the Provisions Stipulated in the Act.

Names, Designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers :

S. No. Name Designation Position
1 Navjot Singh Dhadli Assistant Registrar Public Information Officer
Chandigarh University, Gharuan,
Dist. SAS Nagar (Punjab)
Email: navjot.e16860@cumail.in
2 Dr. Gurdarshan Singh Brar Registrar Appellate Authority

Section 4(1) (b) (i), The Particulars of its Organization, Functions and Duties :

Chandigarh University, Gharuan(Punjab) was established under the Chandigarh University Act, 2012, enacted by the Government of Punjab and recognized by the Government of India Under the provisions of Section 2(f) of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956.

Authorities of the University :

The following are authorities of the University, namely –

  • The Governing Body;
  • The Board of Management;
  • The Academic Council; and
  • Such other authorities, as may be declared by the Statutes to be the authorities of the University.

The Governing Body :

a) The Chancellor Chairman
b) The Vice Chancellor Member
c) Three persons nominated by the Trust, out of whom two shall be eminent educationist; Member
d) One expert member of management or information technology Member
e) One expert of finance, nominated by the Chancellor Member
f) The Secretary to Government of Punjab, Department of Higher Education or his representative not below the rank of joint secretary Member
g) One eminent educationist nominated by the Secretary to Government of Punjab, Department of Higher Education in consultation with the Chancellor Member

The Board of Management :

a) The Chancellor or his nominee Chairperson
b) The Vice-Chancellor Member
c) Two members of the Trust nominated by the Trust; Members
d) The Director of the Directorate concerned relating to education as representative of the State Government Member
e) Three persons, who are not the members of the Trust, nominated by the Trust Members
f) Two persons from amongst the teachers, nominated by the Trust; and Members
g) Two teachers, nominated by the Vice-Chancellor Members

The Academic Council :

a) The Vice Chancellor; Chairperson
b) One eminent academician nominated by the State Government as its representative; and Member
c) Such other members as may be prescribed. Members

The Finance Committee :

a) The Vice Chancellor; Chairperson
b) The Dean Academic Affairs; Member
c) The Registrar of the University; Member
d) Two persons nominated by the Trust out of whom one shall be a financial expert; and Members
e) The Chief Finance and Accounts Officer Member-Secretary

Date of Meetings (Last five years)

Governing Body Meeting Dates (2019-2023):

Date of meetings of the Governing Body for the last 5 years.

14th Meeting- 27/7/2019 15th Meeting- 23/12/2019
16th Meeting- 05/11/2020 17th Meeting- 30/07/2021
18th Meeting- 05/03/2022 19th Meeting- 07/07/2022
20th Meeting- 07/01/2023 21st Meeting- 01/08/2023
22nd Meeting – 27/12/2023


Board of Management Meeting Dates (2019-2023):

Date of meetings of the Board of Management for the last 5 years.

14th Meeting- 27/6/2019 15th Meeting- 16/12/2019
16th Meeting- 15/10/2020 17th Meeting- 28/1/2021
18th Meeting- 17/7/2021 19th Meeting- 18/2/2022
20th Meeting- 20/6/2022 21st Meeting- 16/12/2022
22nd Meeting- 22/07/2023 23rd Meeting – 15/12/2023

Academic Council Meeting Dates (2019-2023):

Date of meetings of the Academic Council for the last 5 years

8th Meeting- 17/6/2019 9th Meeting - 14/08/2020
10th Meeting - 07/10/2020 11th Meeting - 30/06/2021
12th Meeting - 31/05/2022 13th Meeting - 30/06/2023
14th Meeting – 07/12/2023  

Academic Council (AC):

Engineering & Technology


Liberal Arts & Humanities

Sciences & Allied Health





























Organizational Structure:

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