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Chandigarh University Student Reviews 2014


4.9 of 5 stars

479 reviews

  • Working with Tech-Mahindra was always what I used to dream of while studying. Tech-Mahindra established IMS Academy at Chandigarh University Campus which was north India’s 1st IMS Academy that trained us in emerging technologies which led to my placement in the company.

    Author image
    • Jasleen
    • Tech-Mahindra, Batch20145
  • The Pre-Placement Training at CU that included AMCAT tests & mock interviews incorporated along with academics from day one boosted my confidence to face MNCs selection process. It also helped me in getting selected by one of my dream company Hewlett Packard.

    Gurpreet Kaur - Capgemini, CU-Batch2014
    • Gurpreet Kaur
    • Capgemini, Batch20144.9
  • Value addition in terms of Education and raising my bar for placements in terms of top ranked companies & salary package could have been possible due to practical-learning approach at CU. Personal attention by experienced faculty and emphasis on lab work makes Chandigarh University class apart from other institutions.

    Mohit Aneja - iGate, CU-Batch2014
    • Mohit Aneja
    • iGate, Batch20145
  • Learn to innovate is what we have been asked to by our teachers at CU. I attribute my success during campus placements to hard work Bourne by my faculty and Training & Placement department at CU. I advise my fellow juniors to give proper attention to Pre-placement training as that could make the final difference

    Mohd. Danish Ansari - Atos, CU-Batch2014
    • Mohd. Danish Ansari
    • Atos, Batch20145
  • As a Mechanical Engineering student, I always wanted to work for core engineering company. Due to strong industry liaisoning, top notch companies for Mechanical visited CU for campus placements. I got opportunity to sit for placement drives of Samsung, Jindal Steel and Tata Power and finally got selected by one of them.

    Kulbir Singh - L & T, CU-Batch2014
    • Kulbir Singh
    • L & T, Batch20145
  • My stay at CU has been great and so was the placement session for my batch. It was hard to believe my luck that companies with such good packages were conducting placement drives for us. I feel blessed to be a student of CU.

    Mohit Kumar - Wipro, CU-Batch2014
    • Mohit Kumar
    • Wipro, Batch20144.5
  • Holding an offer letter with package of Rs. 14.4 lacs and that too before completing my education was a fairy tale for me when I was doing diploma. But at Chandigarh University, I can proudly say that it is very much possible. State-of-the-art infrastructure and learning new technologies is what Chandigarh University stands for.

    Abhinav  Wangi - Management Shipping, CU-Batch2014
    • Abhinav Wangi
    • Management Shipping, Batch20145
  • CU is not just a university; it is the epitome of learning where students fulfil their dreams, overcome fears and weaknesses to step into the world as smart and confident professionals. It is just not a place to earn the qualification or a degree but to be groomed holistically. CU nurtures talent.

    Prerna Mahajan - Cognizant, CU-Batch2014
    • Prerna Mahajan
    • Cognizant, Batch20144.5
  • CU played a vital role in making me corporate ready. The values inculcated in me by at CU would help me immensely in Corporate and Personal life. We learned a lot at R&D labs (IBM Lab for emerging Technologies) established at university campus, while working on industry sponsored projects.

    Ruchi - Mdocs, CU-Batch2014
    • Ruchi
    • Mdocs, Batch20145
  • CU offers a pool of opportunities to its students; one has to use those opportunities to enhance their abilities. CU helped me identify me latent potential and helped me have a wider horizon. I am grateful to all the faculty members and mentors at University for being so supportive.” CU has truly been ranked as Asia's fastest growing university and I am proud to be one of its students.

    Prabhjot Kaur - MedEntry, CU-Batch2014
    • Prabhjot Kaur
    • MedEntry, Batch20145
  • I'm indebted to CU for lot of things, but mostly, I'm grateful for the exposure it has given me. In the three years I've been in CU, I have had numerous opportunities to grow and better myself. I attended plenty of conferences and workshops among which has developed me as a thorough professional.

    Kanika Garg - Delloit, CU-Batch2014
    • Kanika Garg
    • Delloit, Batch20144.5
  • In Chandigarh University, faculty members identify the innate capabilities and talents of the students and polish them with their expertise, making students corporate ready even before they graduate. The University have given a platform to grow, innovate & learn. Today, I am what Chandigarh University made me.

    Navpreet Singh - Cognizant, CU-Batch2014
    • Navpreet Singh
    • Cognizant, Batch20145
  • Four years at Univers-ity Institute of Engineer-ing (UIE) at Chandigarh University were undoubtedly one of the best years of my life. When I look back now, I realize how Chandigarh University helped me to shape my personality, infused self-confidence and made me ready to face the professional world. Experiential learning and constant mentoring by subject expert has given me an opportunity to learn, practice and explore new dimensions of emerging technologies.

    Manvinder - Cognizant, CU-Batch2014
    • Manvinder
    • Cognizant, Batch20144.8
  • As a student, I have alw-ays been en-couraged to take my practical learning very seriously at CU. Faculty at University has helped me gather and understand topics beyond the scope of syllabus that has helped me during campus placements. The training provided to the students to prepare for selection process is the best and helped me in gaining self-confidence and winner during the company selection process.

    Agrima Singhal - Polaris, CU-Batch2014
    • Agrima Singhal
    • Polaris, Batch20145
  • Microsoft is the world’s leading Software MNC and every computer science engineer’s ultimate work destination. I consider myself lucky to be a student of Chandigarh University that I have got this golden opportunity. As a girl, my parents are proud of me and I am proud of Chandigarh University.

    Akanksha - Microsoft, CU-Batch2014
    • Akanksha
    • Microsoft, Batch20145
  • "Life in CU has been a breath taking experience. As a hosteller, I would say it is actually a “Home away from Home”. All the Faculty members, mentors and everyone in CU family have been a great help and a strong support. This place has immensely added to my persona and I will always cherish the memories I shared with this place.

    Umar - Microsoft, CU-Batch2014
    • Umar
    • Microsoft, Batch20145
  • Working with Microsoft was always what I used to dream of while studying. Microsoft choose only 5 Universities all over India for campus placements under their GTSC program and Chandigarh University was the only campus selected for placement process in North India. Chandigarh University made my dream turn into reality.

    Rupantar - Microsoft, CU-Batch2014
    • Rupantar
    • Microsoft, Batch20144.9
  • From an average student to a proficient professional taking on new challe-nging assignments almost every day, CU has completely transformed my personality during my four years of academic pursuit in CU & has given wings to my dreams. I owe my success to my faculty, my mentors in University & parents who made the right decision to choose CU for me.

    Gagandeep Kaur - Microsoft, CU-Batch2014
    • Gagandeep Kaur
    • Microsoft, Batch20144.5
  • The 'CU Experience' has been unique and enriching. The environment not only helps us in imbibing knowledge but also in developing our overall personality. In a competitive atmosphere one learns to strive to be the best in every field. The course modules are industry oriented and drill into us problem solving capabilities.

    Karanbir Singh Pannu - Microsoft, CU-Batch2014
    • Karanbir Singh Pannu
    • Microsoft, Batch20145
  • After moving to Chandigarh University, I found myself in a totally new environment which encouraged learning and thinking. The faculty and peer groups helped me overcome my reservations against being in a new region and now I look forward to a period of professional learning & personal growth.

    Abhishek Anand - Patna (Bihar)
    • Abhishek Anand
    • Patna (Bihar)5
  • Words are not going to be enough to express my gratitude towards the faculty and administration of Chandigarh University. The friendly atmosphere helped me overcome by apprehensions and through the presence of numerous opportunities, I found myself on the right professional course.

    Harshdeep Singh - Badarpur (New Delhi)
    • Harshdeep Singh
    • Badarpur (New Delhi)4.5
  • The course work here is carefully designed to suit the needs of emerging global markets and industries and the well calculated balance between academics and extra-curricular activities helps in carving the leaders for tomorrow. Innovative teaching methodologies and experienced faculty lead to strong foundation of subject basics which are help full during campus placements. Studying at Chandigarh University & selecting future driven course has been the best decision of my life.

    Rishabh Khare - Indore (MP)
    • Rishabh Khare
    • Indore (MP)4.8
  • The innovative learning process makes me feel quite different from my peers back home, along with imparting me with immense confidence. CU has been a life transforming process.

    Pranjal - Guwahati (Assam)
    • Pranjal
    • Guwahati (Assam)5
  • Chandigarh University's campus is just like a home away from home. Coming from a different social background, the administration, faculty, and students greeted me with warmth & love, thus making the adjustment process relatively quick and easy.

    Roni Ningombam - Imphal (Manipur)
    • Roni Ningombam
    • Imphal (Manipur)4.8
  • My tenure has been enriching and soulful, and numerous extra-curricular activites balanced with academics have helped in my overall development.

    Nitin Badyal - Udhampur (Jammu)
    • Nitin Badyal
    • Udhampur (Jammu)5
  • Chandigarh University has been an experience of a lifetime. The faculty here is particularly knowledg-able and guide us through the path of thinking that leads to innovation which further enlighten us about various career opportunities that are in demand by multinational companies.

    Kumar Gaurav - Nalanda (Bihar)
    • Kumar Gaurav
    • Nalanda (Bihar)5
  • CU provides an excellent learning platform for young students along with bridging the gap between talent and opportunities. The academic set up here is not restricted to cramming and encourages us to think out of the box.

    Ridam Salhotra - Rohini (Delhi)
    • Ridam Salhotra
    • Rohini (Delhi)4.9
  • CU provides world class facilities for diverse learning and growth. The faculty is excellent and very supportive. Apart from the unconventional academic setup, a wide spectrum of extra curricular activities continues to engage and enlighten us.

    Shanu Sharma - Gurgaon (Haryana)
    • Shanu Sharma
    • Gurgaon (Haryana)5
  • Chandigarh University provides practical oriented learning approach that helps in understanding the latest and emerging trends available in particular stream. The pre-placement training which begins in first semester itself helps us to prepare ourself for corporate interviews along with our regular studies.

    Sandeep Lamichhane - Sunwal (Nepal)
    • Sandeep Lamichhane
    • Sunwal (Nepal)4.5
  • Chandigarh University provides ample opportunities to explore new ideas and work on innovative projects so that we are able to implement the learning of our subjects. I am proud to be a part of Fastest Growing Educational Institution through which, I can build my own identity.

    Virendra Singh - Ajmer (Rajasthan)
    • Virendra Singh
    • Ajmer (Rajasthan)5
  • Chandigarh University offers an opportunity that prepares the students with all-round development both in academics as well as co-curriculer activities. The environment at university is conducive enough to produce future leaders for Industry. Hostel life at campus is so comfortable that as an outsider I have the feeling of home staying away from home. Facilities like Wi-fi campus, gym, indoor & outdoor sports are available both for boys & girls.

    Namgail Dorjay - Kargil (Ladakh)
    • Namgail Dorjay
    • Kargil (Ladakh)4.5
  • Cherishing my dream of being a success full professional, CU is helping me in learning the latest technologies that are used by Industry. R & D centre at CU is host to India’s most advanced technology labs setup by top notch companies.

    Bikalp Pantha - Bahairahaua (Nepal)
    • Bikalp Pantha
    • Bahairahaua (Nepal)4.9
  • The transparent examination and evaluation process at CU is unmatchable with any other university as answer sheets are shown in person to every students so that they are able to check their performance & learn from their mistake.

    Pankaj - Hyderabad (AP)
    • Pankaj
    • Hyderabad (AP)5

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