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Chandigarh University Reviews


4.9 of 5 stars

479 reviews

  • Being selected in Microsoft like dream come true and my complete credit goes to team CU. Although I was, a meritorious student but I never hoped I will be able to crack Microsoft in first attempt itself. I am over this moon"

    Aditya Kumar
    • Aditya Kumar
    • Selected in Microsoft5
  • Today I stand among my peers and my parents couldn’t be prouder. Being in CU is not just about placement but overall transformation into a professional and confident human being to lead the life.

    Kumar kartik
    • Kumar kartik
    • Selected in Tech Mahindra4.9
  • I owe my success today to university management who have created brilliant platform for students to get platform to placed in their dream companies.CU is wholesale community that’s gives you an amazing atmosphere to be a better professional and a person.

    Karan Virdi
    • Karan Virdi
    • Selected in Mu sigma5
  • CU offers global level education and has created a great platform for students who wish to further their carrier with international organizations. Faculty and trainee are flexible and effective in academics allow us to pursue our passion. Engineering at CU is synonym to success in life.

    Vasu Narang
    • Vasu Narang
    • Selected in Amazon India pvt.ltd5
  • Being in CU was the most apt thing for me, apart from excellent faculty I got to work closely with experts who are actively engaged in chemical field. University emphasizes a great deal on experiential learning and project work. It’s just amazing feeling to select three core companies.

    Simmi Sharma
    • Simmi Sharma
    • Selected in Galaxy Surfactants4.5
  • I am placed international in a core company and it has been as amazing experience. I am from Gujarat and it was great journey at university being with students from so many states. I am focused, confident and ready to explore the world.

    Neel Chauhan
    • Neel Chauhan
    • Selected in Mt. Meru Group5
  • CU’s faculty and carrier development team motivated me to go beyond my limits, apart from technical aspects they made me aware of cognitive and attitude approaches, which play crucial role during placements. My parents and I are super excited.

    Gurpreet kaur
    • Gurpreet kaur
    • Selected in Thoughtworks Technologies4.8
  • CU offers a completely flexible model of learning which allows us to specialize in futuristic technologies. We are not restricted to just one two companies but allow experiencing placement for both core and allied streams. CU is a new age which believes in offering unlimited opportunities.

    Akshit Verma
    • Akshit Verma
    • Selected in Hewlett Packard5
  • The support for students at the Business School is fantastic. Many of the teaching staff have spent a considerable amount of time in industry before deciding to enter academia, meaning they not only have practical experience and first hand examples but also interesting anecdotes to share!

    • Mahenoor
    • Selected in Bhasin Group4.9
  • In my opinion, the University School of Business is where you need to be if you want to understand the realities and practicalities of what goes on in the world of finance. It is an amazing place with a very conducive learning environment. It is also one of the best universities in India

    Shrey Pokhriyal
    • Shrey Pokhriyal
    • Selected in Ujjivan Finance5
  • Chandigarh University is the best concerning learning, experience and gaining exposure to fields relevant to my discipline, all due to my faculty members. Their continuous efforts in getting the right companies for the right candidates, have truly redefined our careers. This endeavor will lead our University to incredible heights.

    Aditi Sharma
    • Aditi Sharma
    • Selected in Jaro Education5
  • In the past 1 year, I had countless opportunities to develop analytical skills, leadership and proactive thinking through various programs and events. These attributes were the key reasons because of which I was successfully selected by Nestle as an Intern. Big thanks to all my faculty and friends for the amazing journey at Chandigarh University.

    Rajesh Kumar
    • Rajesh Kumar
    • Selected in Nestle India Ltd.5
  • The best thing about studying at the Business School is being in an environment that encourages independent learning and critical thinking, and is also a really beautiful place to live. You have everything you need in one location and the facilities are top notch. I am thankful to management for such good opportunities.

    Anish Narula
    • Anish Narula
    • Selected in TPG Global4.5
  • The most important thing for any engineering student is learning and I must say that overall experience at CU is at par with best institutes of India. We were involved in numerous projects from the first semester onward which enhances the analytical approach towards the subject. This real time preparation makes us ready for professional journey.

    Aastha Malhotra
    • Aastha Malhotra
    • CSE5
  • Before I joined the university I had lot of ambiguities about which path to take, how to prepare myself for the profession, how to make the most of my talents. Department of Career Development and my technical faculty helped me in preparing myself for the upcoming challenges. Today I am placed in two companies and I am elated with the choice I made 4 years back.

    Arindam Taak
    • Arindam Taak
    • ECE5
  • I chose CU because of the placements it offers, it won’t be wrong to say that they have the robust structure when it comes to industry. Corporate Resources Center along with the Department of Career Development made it possible for me to have the opportunity and get placed in the company of my choice. CU is undisputable leader that prepares its students for any challenge.

    Kunwar Bharat Singh
    • Kunwar Bharat Singh
    • ECE5
  • USB shaped me from the day one to face the corporate world. The environment in the department has taught me to be innovative and meticulous in approach to any strategic goals set for a professional. Whether the work scope is within domain of expertise or not, a proper approach can solve all issues in hand. It was the support of my teachers/ mentors which motivated me to THINK BIG & ACHIEVE BIG

    Gunjita Kashyap
    • Gunjita Kashyap
    • Selected in HDFC Bank4.9
  • Placements is the big question among aspiring engineers. CU not only offers placements but assures the quality of company students are being placed in. Before placements the first step is the mentoring by industry leaders, which is a unique aspect of CU. I saw my seniors getting placed in top notch companies and that made me feel confident that I will have the same opportunities. I must say CU is doing much more than just placing the students, they are making them industry relevant professionals.

    • Rohan Arora
    • CSE5
  • CU has given me more than what I had expected, I got a great platform to explore various avenues of a rich student life. From extra- curricular activities to research, CU offers a bouquet of opportunities to its students. CU takes you to a different level of education.

    Ahmad Hanan Mustafa
    • Ahmad Hanan Mustafa
    • Civil Engineering5
  • Faculty at CU is best, they have exposure in both academic and industry which enables them to make students learn from a global perspective and what industry requires from a fresher in the field of engineering.

    Akshita Mathur
    • Akshita Mathur
    • CSE5
  • I am from United Arab Emirates and before joining an Indian University fitting in was my major concern. But, I was surprised with the cultural diversity CU offers, my classmates are from Chennai, Goa, Bangalore and in fact lot of international students. Also, the management is very approachable, we can openly discuss any issues we are facing and any suggestion given by students is welcomed.

    • Disha
    • CSE5
  • Mechanical Engineering is all about practical know how, it is imperative for students to learn from the basics to advanced technologies which will change the future of engineering. I personally experienced a difference in the teaching – learning process at CU, emphasis is given on the project based learning more than the subject study in theory.

    • Robin Singla
    • Mechanical Engineering5
  • One of the most interesting activities is the site analysis project, where we visit certain sites that are rich in culture. We are required to analyse and design a building that responds to the activities, cultures and climatic factors, as well as the site context. This really helped us to design structures that are relevant to the site and inspired us in our future designing process.

    • Ravneet Kaur
    • B.Arch5
  • I am really appreciative for the experience in Architecture program. We have lots of hands on experience, program in itself is both informative and fun at the same time. First year onward I never had a dull moment and I have a much better handle on what it actually means to be an architect.

    • Devansh Dube
    • B.Arch4.9
  • The experience of learning how to come up with my own designs and build models of them, learning how to sketch analytically. The diversity among students is also another benefit in this program of CU, it really changes the way one looks at the profession.

    • Harshita Rajpal
    • B.Arch5
  • CU offers a right blend of both classroom learning and project work. From the third semester onwards we are exposed to the latest techniques of modern architecture through visits to historic as well as modern sites of architecture wonder. I find myself at the right place at the right time.

    • Punika
    • B.Arch5
  • CU allows students to be involved in live projects which is a great way to enhance skills. It also clears the doubts on the practical aspects of the subject. Hands- on learning is the most exciting for me.

    • Ibadondor Marboh
    • B.Arch4.5
  • Chandigarh is architecturally rich city and the fact that CU is in vicinity of The City Beautiful makes studying here much more exciting. We are placed in a spot that offers a great place to learn the modern architecture.

    • Mandeep Singh
    • B.Arch5
  • The international partnerships at CU allow us to travel overseas, as an architecture student, traveling and seeing the different designs, artwork, buildings is truly inspirational. I personally love to learn from experience and the fact we have so many opportunities is just amazing!

    • Zainus Darandar
    • B.Arch5
  • The financial assistance provided by CU is appreciative. Apart from scholarships, the management helps for additional benefits for deserving candidates.

    • Jasmeet Kaur
    • B.Arch4.5
  • I chose this course because it saves one year and the faculty is great. We are given individual attention and the technological resources provided during studies is apt. Apart from studies, their is lot of cultural development, I am learning so much everyday.

    • Sarbjot Kaur
    • B.ED.5
  • Initially I found language a barrier, but over the period of time I have become quite familiar. I love North India, culture, sense of dressing and off course the dedication of people to help you on every step. It is just an amazing learning experience.

    • Anis
    • B.ED.5
  • Found this course suitable for me as i always wanted to be a teacher. The curriculum and special training sessions not only groom us to be industry ready but enhances us on personal level.

    • Ravleen Anand
    • B.ED.5

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