University Institute of Animation and Multimedia is equipped with world class laboratories and apparatus. The facilities offered by the department are:

Chroma studio: UIFV has its own Chroma Studio which is a green room setup used for video production and post production. Students uses the process called Chroma Keying by which a specific color element (chroma) is removed from a video scene and replaced (keyed) with a different Image or Video.

UIFV has a full-fledged sound studio with industry standard equipments and audio mixers to deliver a great sound and voice quality .

UIFV has 2D labs equipped with light boxes , Projectors, clay for 2D drawings ,sketching, sand animation, Stop motion, collage, and rotoscoping animation techniques with a one-to- one student hand-on practice.

UIFV has 3D labs equipped with high-end computers, Projectors for Architecture modeling, 3D Designs, 3D Character Modeling, Lighting and Rendering ,Rigging and Animation, Gaming with a one-to- one student to architect interaction.

Vfx labs contain with high-end computers, Projectors Mac for filmmaking, visual effects, Dynamics. Visual effects involve the integration of live-action footage and generated imagery to create environments which look realistic.

Communication skills are very much essential for the Students to interact with the outer world. Communication skills lab is established to improve listening and speaking skills and interview skills to the students.

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