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Department of Petroleum Engineering

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Department of Petroleum Engineering has three well-equipped laboratories for teaching the fundamentals of Petroleum Engineering. These labs are used for advanced research and consultancy work as well.

Petroleum Testing Lab

The lab consists of equipments to test the properties of crude oil such as pour point, cloud point, flash point, and smoke point. Experiments on desalting and dehydration of the crude are also conducted in the lab.

Equipments: Redwood Viscometer, Dean and stark Apparatus, Softening Point, Aniline point, Cloud and Pour Point, Pensky Martens Apparatus, and Distillation Characteristics.


Drilling Fluids and Cementing Lab

The experiments related to the rheological properties of drilling fluid such as viscosity density filtrate losses and more are carried out in this lab.

Equipments: Viscometer, Marsh funnel, Gas Chromatography, Mud balance model, Retort Kit, Sand content kit, Mixer ham beach, Water distillation, Unit Millipore, Filter press and pH meter.

Reservoir Lab

This lab consists of sophisticated equipments for measuring porosity permeability and other parameters of the core samples.

Equipments: Liquid Permeameter Apparatus, Gas Permeameter Apparatus, Core Flooding System, Core Plugging Machine, U tube viscometer and Porosity by liquid saturation.

Geo-science Engineering Lab

This Lab provides the comparative study of different types of minerals and rocks on the basis of megascopic and microscopic studies.

Facilities: Different mineral and rock sample, Slides of different rock and Optical Microscope.

Research Lab
Our research lab is equipped with various highly sophisticated equipment such as –

Gas Chromatograph

Gas chromatograph (GC, an analytical instrument that measures the content of various components in a sample.


Core Flooding Apparatus

Core Flooding Systems are advanced, modular, computer controlled and configured for liquid permeability, water flood, water flood susceptibility and unsteady state liquid/liquid, gas/liquid relative permeability tests and other applications.