To facilitate the excellent education process and to enhance the learning abilities of the students, University Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management (UITHM) provides state-of-the-art infrastructure and practical based teaching-learning approach. Various labs housed in the department are:

Basic Training Kitchen
In order to develop know-how of the basic techniques used in Cooking, the department has a well-equipped Basic Training Kitchen.
Quantity Food Kitchen
Quantity Food Kitchen is designed and equipped to make the students learn about the quantity food cooking techniques.
Advanced Training Kitchen 
This lab is to enhance the knowledge of the students who want to build their career in Food & Beverage production. The lab focuses on and improves the key skills required to be a good chef.
Bakery and Confectionary Lab
With two separate labs for Bakery and Confectionary and with all major equipments, they are one of the most integral part of Food Production department imparting skills to the students in Bakery and Patisserie.

Three Training Restaurants (2 Basic and 1 Advance)
In these, the students have the opportunity to manage and showcase their skills in planning a menu, budgeting, making purchases and serving food and drinks and giving the practical exposure to the students
Training Bar
Keeping in mind the emerging trends in Restaurant Industry, a sixty cover Training Restaurant has been designed to train the students in technical knowledge, attitude and personality traits by experienced faculty.

Front-Office Lab
In order to train the students in the latest technology being used by the hotels for Pre-Reservation, Check-in & Departures; an exclusive front office lab has been designed having Galileo software . The students are given the hands on training by the experienced faculty on these tools.

Housekeeping Lab
The lab has requisite infrastructure and is specially designed to train the students in Housekeeping. It has been equipped with state of the art equipment for cleaning and housekeeping purposes.

Laundry and Linen Lab
A fully professional set up with state-of-the-art equipments trains the students in each aspect of cleaning and storing of linens.

Model Guest Room
An exact replica of the suite of hotels gives our students a firsthand experience on how to work in as a hotel.


The students get practical experience related to the software use in hotel and airline industry. It has been equipped with the latest software(s) wherein the students manage to know the working of reservations, front desk, guest services and other modules.

Communication & Soft Skills Lab
In these labs, the students are provided training in communication and soft skills by using various methodologies like discussions, role-plays, games and audio-visual activities. The specially designed curriculum comprises concepts like: Public Speaking and Dealing, Self- Management, Interpersonal-Skills, Time-Management, Stress-Management, Professional Ethics & Values, Goal-Management, Critical-Thinking & Problem-Solving Corporate-Etiquettes. These modules aim to help the students to evaluate themselves in terms of these skills.

Grooming Lab
Chandigarh University's UITHM has developed a unique Grooming Lab for students, wherein they can enhance their personality and learn different aspects of grooming including dressing, make-up, non-verbal etiquettes and more.

Aviation Lab
State of the art lab serve as a ground-training schedule, the security systems and procedures followed for in flight services.

Lingua lab
An extensive training lab conducive for small group discussions, role-plays and videotaped activities are specially designed to impart practical learning to the students.

Geography Lab
This exclusive lab trains the students in different aspects of location and geography of various destinations of the world.

Travel Desk
Fully operational travel desk providing services to students and staff of the university helps student gain valuable practice and an insight to the travel operations. 

Commercial Outlets
To give hands-on approach to such operations, these outlets are managed by students.


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