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Proclaim Your Passion

Passion Selection

About the Advanced Credit Program

Chandigarh University’s Passion to Profession through Advanced Credit Program offers a unique pathway for bright and inquisitive young minds to develop their career by enjoying their passion. This specialized certification program is offered to UG and PG students seeking admission to Chandigarh University. Besides pursuing their passion, the students will earn University credits while developing the primordial knowledge and skills for the program to which they are interested in taking admission. This program comprises three distinct levels, each tailored to provide students with a progressive and comprehensive learning experience.

Significance of Earning Academic Credits

Obtaining credits in specific courses implies that a student has exhibited proficiency in those subjects. Consequently, they might be exempted from retaking those courses or have the opportunity to progress to more advanced levels directly. This minimizes the required number of courses, enabling them to concentrate on other subjects or explore additional courses. Advanced earned credits streamline a student's academic path, potentially reducing the duration needed to finish their degree or program. It lessens the student's time and energy commitments, allowing them to allocate those resources to other subjects and dedicate more time to prepare for job placements.


  • ACADEMIC CREDITS:   Earn credits for your professional studies
  • FREE CERTIFICATION:   Get free nationally recognized Certificate
  • PASSION EXPOSURE:   Share your passions and skills with the world
  • GLOBAL VALUES & PROGRAM CONCEPTS:   Imbibe global values and learn program concepts
  • UNIVERSITY CLUBS & GROUPS:   Confirmed membership in university clubs and societies

Pre requisite


Day-wise Schedule

S. No.






Introduction and Live Interaction

1 Hour 30 Mins



Flipped Classroom

1 Hour 30 Mins



Live Interaction, Query Session

1 Hour 30 Mins



Assignment Allotment, Assignment Preparation and Submission

3 hours





Live Hands-on Practice/ Case Study

1 Hour 30 Mins


Self Study

6 Hours

Total Engagement Hours

15 Hours

In case any query please mail on acp@cumail.in

  • Level 2

Universal Human Values and Ethics

Passion Selection

Introduction to the Course

The Level 2 of Passion to Profession through Advanced Credit Program is focussed on inculcating global values in the aspirants.

The course will improve aspirant’s morale. The aspirants will be able to bring in right conduct in their behaviour. The said values and ethics training program will aim at improving the professionalism and the effectiveness of individuals.

The aspirant will be engaged in series of lessons based on value inculcation which will earn them a values certificate.


Developing universally recognized spiritual, compassionate and dynamic minds with positive and ethical thought process through global values instillation & certification.

Pre requisite


Course Outcome

On successful completion of course:
  • The aspirants will be able to communicate effectively and confidently with the society.
  • The aspirants will become able to take up pressure situations and participate in work with dedication.
  • The aspirants will become able to represent themselves as spiritual, compassionate and dynamic minds with positive and ethical thought process.

Course Content

  • Live interaction on passion.
  • Lecture series on ethical values (Self Learning Materials).
  • Others as per flow.

Course Schedule


Topic to be Covered (1.5 Hour per Day)

Day 1

Live interaction on course

Day 2

Lecture Series start….

Day 3

Lecture Series cont.…

Day 4

Lecture Series cont.…

Day 5

Lecture Series end.…

Day 6

Live interactions, Doubt Sessions and Feedback

Day 7

MCQ-based Quiz

In case any query please mail on acp@cumail.in

  • Level 3

Ab Initio Course in Tourism

Apply Now

Introduction to the Course

Travel & Tourism Management is a degree that gives in-depth knowledge to thrive in the international tourism industry by studying business concepts specific to the field. This job requires a certain set of knowledge, and the ability to multitask and communicate efficiently with customers.

UITHM provides both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Travel and Tourism. The undergraduate degree called B.sc (TTM) is 3 years duration and MBA(THM) is 2 years duration. Travel and tourism management degrees teach concepts specific to the international travel industry. Aspirants have multifaceted opportunities, but jobs directly related to the degree include-

  • Travel Counsellor
  • Tourism Associate
  • Customer Service Executive in MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Conference and Exhibition)
  • Sales and Marketing Executive
  • Foreign Exchange Handler
  • Travel Operator

This certification program will introduce the students to the world of the travel and tourism industry and provide them an insight into how the industry works.

  • Students will understand the industry’s new trends and be able to associate the same with the various career opportunities that the industry holds.
  • During the sessions, students will be provided with an opportunity to learn along with the industry professionals.
  • Post the successful completion of the this advanced credit program (ACP) students will earn a certificate that will be helpful for their career in travel and tourism industry.

Course Details & Syllabus


Course Code:  








Course Type*



Ab Initio Certificate Course in Tourism








Course Objectives

i) To provide students with knowledge of technical concepts to enhance their competencies in travel operations.

ii) To provide students with professional skills for effective job performance in the tourism and hospitality sectors.




Course Outcome

i) Understand the various terms, and nomenclature associated with the Tourism industry.


ii) Understand Indian culture, formalities, and requirements of travel documentation in the Tourism industry .


iii) Apply the concepts used in travel blogging, v-blogging in promoting tourism related venture on social media.


Course Contents

Introduction to Travel and Tourism Industry: Geography and major travel destinations. Introduction to Heritage of India, interesting facts related to Heritage in India.
Adventure Tourism in India:  hard and soft adventure sports, air-water and land-based adventure activities.
Culture and Tourism: Diversity in the culture of India, Fairs, and Festivals associated with diversity.
Travel Documentation: Passport, VISA, Mediclaim, FOREX, Travel Insurance.
Yoga and Wellness: Case studies of Kerala and Rishikesh Yoga camp.
Food tales of India: Gastronomy and wine tourism, food walks in India.


Course Schedule


Topic to be Covered (1.5 Hour per Day)

Day 1

● Ice-breaking (apprising the students on a 06 days virtual journey)
● ACTIVITY: Two truths and a Lie; an activity where students will be given three sentences and they have to guess which out of them stands true. 
● Introduction to the Travel and Tourism Industry +
● Introductory Video on Tourist attractions.

● Introduction to Geography and major travel destinations
● session end with Interesting Facts on the topic of the day                                             

Day 2

● (ACTIVITY: Pictionary (Heritage sites of World)
● Introduction to Heritage of India
● Interesting facts on the topic of the day

● ACTIVITY: Hope and fears (students will share their hopes and fear regarding session/the year; establishing a correlation with the topic )
● Familiarization with adventure activities and Hard and Soft Tourism
● Adventure tourism in India

Day 3

● Familiarization of varied cultural forms in India & Association with the tourism industry     
● One festival many ways; a session on how a single festival holds different meaning through the diverse culture in India
● Interesting Facts on the topic of the day.

● Activity: Word Association Test; an activity to make students relate varied aspects of culture by associating different words.                                                                               
● Know-How about Passport regulations in India
● Know how on Travel Visa Facilitation
● Interesting facts on the topic of the day        

Day 4

●  The session begins with meditation and a video of Yogi ON the Racetrack ( a UNWTO award-winning video by Indian Tourism)
● Introduction to wellness tourism and its prospects
● Case study of Kerala and Rishikesh
● Interesting facts on the topic of the day

ACTIVITY: Sentence Completion Test; students will be given a few incomplete sentences about the topic of the day; they’ll complete it.
DARK TOURISM ( Case studies of various tourist attractions and activities conducted)

Day 5

●  Expert Talk by Adventure Tourism Professional

● Demo activity (Tent Pitching, Knot tying)

Day 6

● Introduction to Digitalization in the Travel and tourism industry
● Travel Blogging and Vlogging Know-how
● Food tales of India ( Gastronomy and wine tourism); food walks in India
● Interesting facts on the topic of the day


  • Kamra, K.K. and M. Chand, Basics of Tourism: Theory operation and practice, Delhi: Kanishka Publication.
  • S.P. Gupta (2012), Cultural Tourism in India, Indraprastha Museum of Art and Archaeology, New Delhi.
  • Melanie K. Smith, László Puczkó, Health and Wellness Tourism, Elsevier/Butterworth-Heinemann, 2019 - Business & Economics

Program Co-ordinator




Ms. Harjot Kaur



What Students say about the Program

ACP redefined my educational journey.

Enrolling in Chandigarh University's Advanced Credit Program marked a pivotal moment in my education. This program, allowed me to navigate through subjects with flexibility. The free access and nationally recognized certification added substantial value to my skill set. The sessions on Web Designing were very interesting and involving, helping me to learn in a better way. Thanks to this initiative, I not only gained advanced academic credits but also had the opportunity to explore diverse subjects, enhancing my overall learning experience. Chandigarh University's commitment to empowering students through such programs has undoubtedly shaped my academic success and future endeavours.

An incredible experience of learning beyond boundaries.

Engaging in Chandigarh University's Advanced Credit Program (ACP) was a great learning experience for me. Opting for my passion, Cricket, in this program not only earned me academic credits but also provided a unique platform to sharpen my skills. The faculty was exceptional, offering valuable guidance and insights that went beyond the classroom. ACP empowered me to enhance my passion-based skills. The blend of insightful learning and the support of dedicated faculty made my ACP experience truly enriching, setting the stage for both academic success and personal growth.

Seamless learning experience with personal growth.

Completing the Advanced Credit Program at Chandigarh University had a profound impact on my academic journey. The three-level program provided a seamless learning journey, allowing me to probe into my chosen subjects at my own pace. This program not only reduced the demands of my academic schedule but also equipped me with valuable skills. The best part – it's free! The nationally recognized certification adds an extra edge to my profile. Thanks to Chandigarh University, I not only excelled academically but also had the freedom to explore my passions and develop practical skills.
It was truly a transformative experience!

Transformative learning with guided excellence.

Embarking on Chandigarh University's Advanced Credit Program was a transformative experience enriched by exceptional faculty guidance. Completing this program became a defining milestone in my academic journey. This program allowed me to navigate my courses seamlessly, while the invaluable support and expertise of the faculty were instrumental in my success. The program's free accessibility and nationally recognized certification provided a remarkable boost to my academic profile. Chandigarh University's commitment to quality education and supportive faculty has not only lightened my academic load but also significantly contributed to my growth and confidence as a student.

One of the most enriching experiences of my life.

Thank you to the faculty and staff for being so encouraging and nurturing. A special thanks to Ms. Lovely, Chef Saurabh Khurana for being great teachers like they are. Their fierce dedication to this Advanced Credit Programme is an very beneficial for all the budding hoteliers.

Advanced Credit Programme organized by UITHM, CHANDIGARH UNIVERSITY is like signing up for an exclusive world tour.

This wonderful session is a hub of different faculties who have laid a great platform for diverse and intense learning providing the students with the best facilities, state of the art and bringing out the best in us. Thank you Chandigarh University for gibing us this opportunity.

The session had multiple talented educators.

Our well-read panel of teachers encouraged us to learn and grow in the Department of Physics at Chandigarh University.” “The faculties who trained and took our credit program sessions were always supportive, encouraging and dedicated to make us better performers.

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