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B. Tech in Computer Science DevOps covers the basic technologies involved in cloud computing like Architecture, deployment models, security in cloud and agile methods. It can be extremely rewarding to work in this area, as it offers opportunities to incorporate forward-thinking technology.

A DevOps Engineer will work with IT developers to facilitate better coordination among operations, development and testing functions by automating and streamlining the integration and deployment processes.

DevOps is important because it's a software development and operations approach that enables faster development of new products and easier maintenance of existing deployments.

About the course

B.E. CSE DevOps is a specialised technology program aimed for students interested in pursuing a career in the fast growing IT & Cloud domain.

The focus areas are constructing a DevOps automated pipeline using trending tools such as Git, Ansible, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Selenium, Bamboo and Elk Stack.

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  • Level of Study: Under-Graduate
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  • Specialization in CSE DevOps
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  • Globally Comparable, Flexible Choice Based Academics
  • Exposure to Next- Gen Technologies via Industry Sponsored Programs
  • Unprecedented Industry Patronage
  • Impeccable Placements
  • Project based & Experiential Learning
  • 6.1 Times Highest ROI in the Region
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Best CSE DevOps College in Punjab

Industry Sponsored

  • Microsoft Innovation Center
  • Microsoft - Global Technical Support Center (Gtsc)
  • IBM Software Lab For Emerging Technologies
  • Oracle Academy Lab
  • Unisys Innovation Labs
  • EMC² Academic Alliance
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Best CSE DevOps College in Punjab
Best CSE DevOps College in Punjab

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Who should do this?

  • If you are someone who is looking for a remunerative career path.
  • If you are someone who likes working with new technologies, integrating them and solving problems.
  • If you want to dive in and get deeper experience in the tools that developers are using.

Then here is the right course for you!

Why should you do this?

  • To get skilled and trained in futuristic technologies and techniques.
  • To give yourself a jump start in your corporate career.
  • To be fast and better equipped for high paying future jobs.
  • To have the knowledge of open-source tools like Puppet and Ansible.
  • To get a thorough understanding of continuous integration.

Where should you do this?

  • World class infrastructure, renowned academicians and an ideal environment for Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship.
  • Our Alumni are working at Premium Profiles in top MNCs.
  • Practical driven teaching and learning methodology.
  • Flexible and adaptable to changing situations.
  • We strive to be exceptional and outstanding.

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