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Program Objective

  • To explore the fundamental concepts as well as the most recent advances in green & sustainable chemistry
  • To enable the students to understand the greener solvents and green synthetic Methods to replace conventional solvents and synthetic
  • To learn the waste to wealth by the biomass conversion and its application in circular economy

About Value Added Course

The course begins with an introduction to Green & sustainable chemistry and its role in higher education. People grew increasingly aware of the dangerous chemicals included in daily items, creating a need for safer alternatives. Such a strategy places significant pressure on producers as well as the higher education system to address the repercussions of hazardous substances and decrease their potential harmful influence on human health and the environment. For chemistry students, this course will provide a unique chance to get in on the ground floor of the fascinating and burgeoning subject of sustainable chemistry. This course also includes the Basic Concepts of Green & Sustainable Chemistry; Sustainability assessment; Essentials of sustainable chemistry; Role of chemistry in sustainability, Green Chemistry, Greener solvents, Green Synthetic Methods, Sustainable materials, Biomass mass conversion, Recycling and circular economy.

University Institute of Sciences (UIS)

University Institute of Sciences (UIS) creates a pool of intellectual thinkers and influential leaders in the field of Science & Technology. The department has set a milestone in delivering academic & research excellence since inception.The University runs a separate department of Sciences and offers foundation courses in Physics, Chemistry, Medical, Non-Medical & Mathematics. Our outcome based academic model comprising of theoretical work, research projects, seminars, resource learning, hands-on laboratory work, and the idyllic approach of imparting fundamentals reinforces the capabilities of the students.

Program Outcomes

  • Will be able to understand the necessity of sustainable chemistry in higher education
  • Could design and synthesize green solvents and synthetic route for sustainable development.
  • Will be able to create a novel method for biomass conversion and waste to wealth

Registration Details

Duration of the Course: 30 Hours

Registration Fees: Rs. 700

Date of Conduct: 1 October 2023 - 15 November 2023

Certificate will be provided on successful completion of the program

Platform: Offline at Chandigarh University, Gharuan, Mohali, Punjab, India.

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Resource Persons

Dr. Kushal Qanungo

Dr. Kushal Qanungo

Dr. Kushal Qanungo, completed his graduation and post-graduation from Banaras Hindu University. Thereafter he pursued his PhD from IIT Kanpur. He has written a text book, several book chapters, articles in newspapers and numerous research papers in scientific journals. Dr. Qanungo has successfully completed two DST projects as principal investigator and one DST project as coinvestigator. He has reviewed several books and scientific articles, projects etc. He has also presented his work in several scientific conferences.