CU Advantages


Chandigarh University has forged industrial alliances with Top MNC's worldwide which assures high educational standards, up to- date and forward-thinking curricula, and professional relevance. At Chandigarh University you will have a distinct advantage through exposure to corporate standard environment through industry sponsored infrastructure and expert faculty.


GLOBAL OUTLOOK: Chandigarh University has a global outlook, and our internationalization strategy ensures this perspective in everything we do. We attract world-class academics who have wide-ranging influence and are champions for international activity. We have links with over 150 + institutions worldwide and over 550 + international students study with us each year. All this means that you graduate with a truly global perspective – something highly valued by employers.


In today's increasingly interconnected world, developing cultural competency and embracing differences is essential to success. At CU, we have always recognized the important contributions made by individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Our diverse student body—comprised of students from all Indian states and 20 countries promises you a culturally enriching experience. You'll be encouraged to challenge yourself and your way of thinking. These influences will help you grow and expand. Ethnic and cultural diversity enrich our student life, academic programs and campus activities.


We believe that everyone with the thirst and aptitude for learning should have the opportunity to benefit from such a life-changing experience. Chandigarh University offers most affordable fee structure in the region thus leading to the best return on your investment.

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