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International Summer Programs

These programs take place during the summer months, typically lasting anywhere from a few weeks to up to two months, (program length is dependent on each program).

Summer programs also offer students the opportunity to make the most of their college curriculum. Instead of reading about that masterpiece in your art history book, go and see it. Spend a few months in a community affected by the issues you’ve been studying in your public health class. Intern abroad and gain international business experience for your international business class. Choosing a summer study abroad program is a great way to bring college education to life, gain international experience for today’s global market and discover the world. summer study abroad programs offer students the best of both worlds: time abroad without sacrificing their on-campus life. Students with rigorous academic schedules or a desire to make the most of their summers as they’re earning their degrees are great candidates for summer study abroad programs. Students have the opportunity to earn college credits, add prestigious colleges and universities to their transcripts and gain experience with international companies; all while exploring new cultures, travelling the world, learning new languages and becoming a part of the global community. Summer study abroad programs are the perfect way for students to balance their desire for international exploration with their commitment to making the most of campus life.

Summer programs also offer students the opportunity to make the most of their college curriculum. Instead of reading about that masterpiece in your art history book, go and see it. Spend a few months in a community affected by the issues you’ve been studying in your public health class. Intern abroad and gain international business experience for your international business class. Choosing a summer study abroad program is a great way to bring college education to life, gain international experience for today’s global market and discover the world!

Courses Offered:

  • Automotive
  • Aviation/Aerospace
  • Biomedical
  • Civil/Construction
  • Computer Hardware/Software
  • Electrical and Electronics
  • Electronics and Communication
  • Material Science
  • Mechanical
  • Mechatronics
  • Business Administration/ Management

Tuition Fees and Cost:

CAMPUS Annual Tuition fee Annual Living Expenses (hostel and food)
USA, Canada, UK, Australia etc Approx. 15,000 USD 25,000 USD Approx. 8,000 USD 10,000 USD

List of Programs

ID Course Name University Name Country Name Duration Commencement Date Finish Date
1 Certificate Management Indiana university, Pennsylvania USA 1 Month June July
2 Summer school program-Session Plan B-2weeks Epita France 2 week July July
3 1. International Business.
2.Mechatronics-Engineering for the 21st Century Engineer
3.iPhone App Development
Birmingham city University UK 3 week July July
4 Global Commerce King's University College London,
Ontario, Canada
1 Month May June
5 International culture, Business & Language University of North Alabama USA 1 Month March April
6 Myself My World AIESEC Organization LC ISTANBUL, TURKEY 1 Month July August

Study Abroad Programs

If you ask anybody who has studied abroad, he or she will most certainly tell you that it is a life-changing experience and one of the most rewarding things he or she has ever done. Perhaps you're not certain what benefits you can reap from an extended stay in a foreign country. Here are 10 very excellent reasons why you should take the plunge:

  • Study abroad is the optimal way to learn a language
  • Study abroad provides the opportunity to travel
  • Study abroad allows you get to know another culture first-hand
  • Study abroad will help you develop skills and give you experiences a classroom setting will never
  • Study abroad affords you the opportunity to make friends around the world provide.
  • Study abroad helps you to learn about yourself
  • Study abroad expands your worldview
  • Study abroad gives you the opportunity to break out of your academic routine
  • Study abroad enhances employment opportunities
  • Study abroad can enhance the value of your degree

Semester Exchange programs

ID Course Name University Name Country Name Duration Commencement Date Finish Date
1 1.Computer information system
University of North Alabama USA 4 Months September December
2 Engineering Deakin University Australia 6 Months July December
3 Engineering Glasgow Caledonian University UK 4 Months September December
4 Engineering Institut Superieur D Electronique De Paris France 1 Month July August
5 Engineering Soongsil University South Korea 4 Months September December
6 1.Engineering
Universitat Rovira I Virgili Spain 4 Months September December
7 1.Management
2.Computer Science
Lodz University Poland 4 Month September December
8 Management King's University Collage at western University Canada 4 Month September December
9 1.Engineering
National Polytechnic Institute Mexico 4 Month September December
10 1.business 2.low 3.Engineering Birmingham city university UK 4 Month September December
11 1.Engineering
Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya Spain 4 Month September December
12 1.Business management
2.computer Science
Howest University collage Belgium 4 Month September December

Internships Programs

Looking for a new job can sometimes be hard - employers won't take you if you do not have experience and you cannot get experience because the company won't hire you. It is a vicious circle and one that is hard to break. However, doing an internship can be a great way to break into your chosen career. If you are a college student, it is easy for you to get into the intern scene. Some of the benefits include:

  • Gaining Experience - you get to gain experience in the area of your chosen field. This means that you work on all aspects of the business and learn everything you need to know. When it comes time to apply for jobs, companies will see that you have a wide spectrum of experience.
  • Gaining The Edge - having experience in a job gives you the edge over lots of the other candidates that you will be competing against for the job. If you have internship experience this gives you even more credibility for the skills and experiences you have gained during an internship.
  • Transition Into A Job -often getting an internship is about more than just learning on the spot. When you get to the end of your internship you are often offered a job with the company. Although this is not guaranteed, companies like to do this if they can because they know you are trained to their standards and have not picked up any bad habits working for anywhere else.
  • Try Before You Buy - we do not really know exactly what a career is like until we actually try it. An internship means that you can try out the job before committing a lifelong career in that field.
  • Networking - while taking part in an internship you will meet a number of new people. This gives you the chance to network, find out about other job opportunities that are coming up and get your name known. This could be of great benefit in the future.
  • Gain Confidence - You will be learning all the tricks of the trade. This means that you will be left feeling confident that you know everything about the job that you need to. This will help you when applying for jobs in the future.
ID Course Name University Name Country Name Duration Commencement Date Finish Date
1 Summer work & Travel program Walt Disney World Resort USA 3 Month June August
2 China Internship program ImmerQi China

Volunteer Internships

The Office of International Relations’ Internship Program offers outstanding volunteer opportunities for University students. Volunteer interns are recruited year-round on a semester basis, and all volunteer internships are filled on a rolling basis. An intern’s volunteer duties generally consist of program coordination, Social Media, alumni Network, Follow-ups, documentation, research, editing, and writing. The volunteer internships are unpaid.

Higher Education

ID Course Name University Name Country Name
1. 1.BBA
2.Bachelor Of Art in International
Relation & Master
4.MBA Executive Master of Business Administration.
University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) Switzerland
2 1.International business
2.Enterpreneurial Management
3.professional communication
4.Global tourism Management
5.international hotel management
6.Mastr of Global management
7.MA Tourism management
8.MA Interculture & International communication
Royal Roads University Canada
3 1.Business Management
2.Hospitality management
3.Entertainment & Media management
4.Sport management
5.Engineering management
6.bio engineering Management
IEP@ University of California USA
4 AIESEC Chandigarh
5 1.Business management
5.Art design
8.Computer science
9.Media technology
Birmingham City University UK
6 1.Engineering
2.Computer science
University of Distrcit Columbia USA
7 1.Summer Program
2.Exchange programv 3.MS program
EPITA France
8 1.International program
2.international hospitality & Tourism(MBA)
3.International management
4.International of Management technology
5.International relation & Diplomacy
Schiller University Multi location
9 1.PGProgram
4.International business management Msc
5.Infomation & Communication
technology Management
Cardiff Metropolitan University UK
10 1.International Business management
2.master of Business management
3.International Business & Trade
4.Computer science
5.Managiral finance & Accounting
6.Human Resource Management & Practice
7.Web development & Scripting Technology
Middlesex University UK
11. 1.Design
2.Computing & information Science
4.Science & Engineering
Northumbria University UK
12 1.MSc international Tourism management
2.MSc Entrepreneurship
3.Graduate Diploma with English & Business
5.Msc.International Banking,
finance & Risk Management
Glasgow Caledonian University UK
13 Incoming Exchange King's University College At Western University Canada
14 1.Graduate Degree program
2.Master of science Engineering
Young's Town State University USA
15 1.PGprograms
2.MSc management
3.MSc management with event management
4.UG Program
5.Business management
7.Computer Science
9.International Business
11.Tourism Management
University of Chester UK
16 1.Journal programs
2.Traiding Course
Six Capital Pte. Ltd. Singapore
17 1.Liberal Art
2.General Studies
4.Applied Science
5.Business Administration
7.Journalism Media
University of Mississippi USA
18 Internship ImmerQi China
19 1.Engineering
4.Accounting & Finance
Universitat Rovirai Virgili Spain
20 1.Arts
3.Computer Engineering
Camosun Canada
21 1.law
2.Business Administration
4.Information technology
6.Special Graduate program
7.Social Science
Soongsil University South Korea
22 1.Engineering
2.Social & Administration Science
3.Biological Medical science
National Polytechnic Institute Mexico
23 1.Master
2.Bachelor school program
University of Cuyo Argentina
24 1.International Communication
2.Political management
3.Computer Science
6.International Marketing Management
7.Business Management
9.Management & Science
10.Mass Media
University of Lodz Poland
25 1.Arts
2.Business administration
5.Computer Science
University of Regina Canada
26 1.Engineering
2.Applied science
3.Architectures,Urbanism and
Building Construction
Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya Spain
27 1.Engineering
University( Nacional de Colombia ) COLOMBIA
28 1.Construction Management
University of DEAKIN Australia
29 1.International Trade & Logistics Management
2.Enterpreneurial Studies
3.Human Resource Management 4.Enhanced Banking
5.Sports Journalism
6.Entertainment Sales & Marketing
Loyalist collage Canada
30 1.Marketing
3.Computer Information System
University of North Alabama USA
31 1.Management & Tourism
2.Political Science & Law
32 1.Arts
2.Business Management
University of ROME "Tor VERGATA" Italy
33 1.Administration
2.Computer Science
3.Accounting Science
4.Economic Science
8.Journalism 9.Science
University Federal de Pernambuco Brazil
34 1.International Business Management
2.Computer Science
3.Product Design
Howest University Collage West Flanders Belgium
35 1.Computer Science
4.Master degree
Institut Superieur d,Electronique de Paris(ISEP) France
36 1.Engineering
2.Business Administration
6.Communication Art
Kasem Bundit University Bangkok, Thailand
37 1.Engineering
Kasetsart University Bangkok, Thailand
38 1.Arts
2.Undergrauate Program
3.Graduate program
Thammasat University Bangkok, Thailand
39 1.Business Course
2.Teacher Training English Course
University of salamanca Spain