MBA Strategic HR in association with AON Consulting (AON HR Learning Center)

Human Resource is invaluable for business success. Organizations have realized the importance of HR Department in order to meet their organizational goals which make HR professionals as one of the most sought after professionals in the corporate world. HR has always been popular amongst the MBA students as a specialization but which changing scenario; the role of HR professionals has added many new dimensions and KRA’s. The focus has now shifted from traditional HR to Strategic HR.

Strategic human resource management is a proactive approach for developing talent. It aims to achieve long-term business objectives and meet organizational challenges. Strategic human resource management emphasizes the fostering of a positive and efficient company culture that embraces innovation and strives to achieve a competitive edge. Strategic HR is the practice of attracting, developing, rewarding, and retaining employees for the benefit of both the employees as individuals and the organization as a whole. HR departments that practice strategic human resource management do not work independently within a silo; they interact with other departments within an organization in order to understand their goals and then create strategies that align with those objectives, as well as those of the organization. As a result, the goals of a human resource department reflect and support the goals of the rest of the organization.

Career Scope after MBA in Strategic HR

According to a report on future prospects for jobs by KPMG, HR professionals are ranked amongst the top 10 best professions offering an ample number of job opportunities in the next five years. As the report, there will be an annual growth of 16% in the number of HR professionals as the multi-nationals execute their expansion plans. Both in India and Abroad, the HR professionals will see tremendous growth in job options as well as the salaries being offered to them. The global human resource management (HRM) sector is estimated to touch $30 billion by 2025.

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What do we Offer?

2 Year regular MBA Strategic HR in association with Aon Consulting (Aon HR Learning Center), North India's first MBA program in Strategic HR

About AON consulting

AON consulting is one of the top HR consulting firms in the area of applied HR. Through its competency development arm, Aon HR Learning Center, it aims to provide the real learning which builds the HR competencies to impact business outcomes. Through its global consulting insights and capability expertise, it delivers highly specialized learning experience. AON Learning Center has partnered with 1500 organizations to deliver bespoke programs. Spreading over 15 countries in the South East Asia and Middle East, it has trained over 12,000 HR leaders and managers to enhance their role readiness. The opportunity to get network with 10,000+ AHLC alumni impact business results multifolds.

MBA Strategic HR in association with AON Consulting (AON HR Learning Center)

Our uniquely designed MBA – Strategic HR program equips students with the know-how and skills to become skilled HR professionals for the industry. The curriculum of this specialized program has been designed and is delivered in line with global HR practices and also includes globally recognized Certifications by Aon Consulting.

Program Features

  • Allows students to gain Aon Consulting globally recognized Certification in two domains: Talent Acquisition & HR Analytics which are well accepted and recognized by top MNCs for coveted HR roles
  • Provides students with an in-depth understanding of various HR concepts at both the macro and micro levels
  • Allows students to learn the best practices and recent developments in the HR space
  • Prepare students for General as well as HR specialist roles in organizations
  • Equips students with technology and functional skills in the area of HR

MBA in Strategic HR Advantage

  • Globally Recognized Aon Consulting (AON HR Learning Center) certifications which enables HR capability in over 1500 organizations
  • Blended Learning approach emphasizes on both practical and theoretical knowledge, which includes reckoners, live training sessions, webcasts, quizzes and global networking
  • Top 312+ Universities all over the world including University of Texas, University of Washington, Florida International University' offers programs in Strategic HR programs
  • Technology driven and Case Study based learning approach
  • A strong professional network of 300,000 including Top Business Leaders and HR professionals across 165 countries gives global edge

Why MBA Strategic HR at Chandigarh University?

  • North India's first University to offer MBA in Strategic HR program in association with AON HR Learning Center
  • Get global edge to become part of professional HR Network
  • Only University in India to have Corporate Advisory Board in which top leadership comprising of CEO's, Vice-President's, Managing Directors from 250+ Multi-Nationals are members
  • Gain Valuable, Real-World Experience by getting a chance to work with top HR Leaders of the 250+ Top Companies of India
  • Technology Driven with training on latest HR Analytics Softwares and live Case-Studies from Industry

How to Apply?