About the Department (UIS)

University Institute of Sciences (UIS) creates a pool of intellectual thinkers and influential leaders in the field of Science & Technology. The University runs a separate department of Sciences and offers foundation courses in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. Our outcome based academic model comprising of theoretical work, research projects, seminars, resource learning, hands-on laboratory work, and the idyllic approach of imparting fundamentals reinforces the capabilities of the students.

About Chandigarh University

Chandigarh - the City Beautiful is an epitome of Indian cultural diversity and recognized the world over for its significant urban design. Located in its vicinity, Chandigarh University is committed to contribute towards fulfilling the dream of a knowledgeable and skilled India by providing excellent scientific, technical and professional education. Awarded A+ Grade by NAAC due to a unique and inspirational academic model that is designed to match global standards, CU goes beyond traditional teaching methodology by finding solutions to address social, technical and economic needs of society, taking laboratory innovation to industry, organizations and society. We partner with more than 306 top ranked universities worldwide to provide global opportunities of growth to our students and faculty. The University is a repository to quality research that emphasizes contribution to domains of Sciences, Engineering, Pharma Sciences, Management, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Liberal Arts etc.

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Important Dates

Abstract Submission - 11 February, 2021
Date of notification of Acceptance/Rejection - 15 February, 2021
Last Date of Online Registration - 19 February, 2021
Full Paper Submission - 22 February, 2021

Scope of Conference

A National Conference on “Modern Emerging Trends: Future of Chemical Sciences (MET-FCS-2021)” will still indeed be a step in that direction and is precisely justified in the current context. The present conference will focus on various aspects of the present-day “Chemical Research” activities that can motivate the budding scientists of future.

MET-FCS-2021 provides the best opportunity to promote the break through research work accomplish in nationwide and publish the advanced research innovations from various streams of Modern Chemical Sciences and their advanced version.