Conference Theme

Theme of the Conference

English as Lingua Franca connects the global community bolstering trade, economy and employment. The Literature landscape is embedded in the cultural ethos of societies. The conference is focused on discussing perspectives in cultural studies as an innovative interdisciplinary field of literature research and teaching that investigates the way in which “culture” creates and transforms individual experiences, everyday life, social relations and power. It focuses on a theoretical cultural analysis from the perspective of historical, socio-economic foundations, conflicts and defining traits with the political dynamics. Combining strengths of social sciences and the humanities, cultural studies draws on methods and theories from literary studies, sociology, communications studies, history, cultural anthropology, and economics etc.

The University Institute of Liberal Arts and Humanities, Chandigarh University is organizing a National Conference on 15-16 May 2020, titled “Contemporary Perspectives in English Language, Literature and Cultural Studies” that aims to bring together Literati, Academicians, Research Scholars, Professionals, Trainers and Students to discuss research experiences on various aspects of English. The conference attempts to provide a premier interdisciplinary platform to present and discuss the most recent trends and concerns as well as practical challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of Contemporary Cultural Studies. Research papers are invited for presentation in the conference and publication thereafter depending on the paper quality.