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Department of Film and Television Studies

Film - Be the Cinematographer of your own life


Program Educational Objectives (PEO) of B.A Film and Television Studies

PEO-1: Graduates will be usefully engaged in Film and Television production, Advertisement Agencies, Promotional video making for NGOs, Audio Visual content making for the Social Media, Government, Private or Corporate Jobs, Academics, Research or run an independent enterprenuership.

PEO-2: Graduates will be proficient in Film and Television Production which includes Direction, Screen Play Writing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound Recording & Sound Designing and Acting.

PEO-3: Graduates will successfully lead a team with having different type of diverse members and divergent conditions of working.

PEO-4: Graduates will be creating, adopting and absorbing new technology and social system and values in the face of ever changing professional requirements through lifelong learning attributes.

PEO-5: Graduates will be able to contribute efficiently to the purpose of a team as a member through their professional competence and ethical attitude.

Program Outcomes (PO) of B.A Film and Television Studies

PO-1: Students will be able to analyse the diverse range of fiction and non-fiction films within the appropriate intellectual, cultural and historical contexts and current debates at the forefront of film studies while having knowledge of the history, theory, aesthetics and technologies of moving images.

PO-2: Students will be able to furnish themselves with a vocabulary to describe and assess different film practices while understanding the dimensions of film language and aesthetics.

PO-3: Students will be able to know the basics of production using a variety of technical production and post- production resources and be aware of modern techniques. They will get to know the responsibility of different departments related to film making.

PO-4: Students will be able to do filmmaking in all its forms, to understand, identify and appraise the different elements of filmmaking, try to understand and value the choices made by filmmakers. They will be able to explain and demonstrate the understanding of those influences.

PO-5: Students will be able to do work both constructively and critically by themselves and as part of a team with different aspects of diversity and interdisciplinary in nature.

PO-6: Students will be experimenting with their emotions, senses and ideas related to personal experience with a greater awareness and sensibility to the environment.

PO-7: Students will be managing projects by given length, format, brief and deadline with a proper reference especially in relation to managing time, personnel and resources effectively.

PO-8: Students will be able to use tools and techniques effectively in their creative work discursive practice and its influences.

PO-9: Students will be communicating effectively through writing and presenting material in the form of visuals for both fiction & non –fiction films.

PO-10: Students will be able to act as Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Sound Designer, and Artist and as academic scholars at all levels.

PO-11: Students will be able to understand the vital role of art in society, their responsibility and their ability to bring about constructive change.

PO-12: Students will be able to take responsibility for continuing academic progression and to engage through life-long learning attribute for further study.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO) of B.A Film and Television Studies

PSO-1: In Direction, the students will sharpen their skills of storytelling in cinematic forms with aesthetic values and will also know how to work with team members.

PSO-2: In Cinematography, the students will explore, visualize and practice the art of visual storytelling through camera.

PSO-3: In Editing & Sound Design, the students will sharpen their skills in editing and sound designing to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the practices, means of artistic expression and become efficient in their related technical equipment and software.

PSO-4: In Acting, the students will sharpen their skills such as voice, speech, movement and performance techniques by consistently representing themselves as in audition, rehearsal and performing style for the camera.