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Department of Film and Television Studies

Film - Be the Cinematographer of your own life


Department of Film and Television studies is equipped with world-class studios and apparatus. Various studios housed by the department are:

Direction Lab

In Direction Lab, students can write their script and work on it further with the use of professional script writing software like Final Draft.

Cinematography Studio

In this studio students can learn about camera operations, lighting techniques, compositions and acquired skills essentials for a professional cinematographer.

Editing Studio

DNLE workstations equipped with latest editing software like FCP and Premiere in 2 studios, students can learn the operations and hone their skill for storytelling.

Sound Studio

in the Sound studio students can record, do the dubbing and mix the sound track for their films and learn how to operate the different tools used for sound post production.

Acting Studio

In the Acting studio students learn the grammar and skills necessary for an actor by studio exercises and scene works etc.

Moreover all students have the access of screening rooms where they can watch films as part of their curriculum and studies.