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Department of FINE ARTS

A perfect blend of theoretical approach nd practical implications


Leaning by doing is the key strength of pursuing a Fine Arts course at Chandigarh University. Our students have access to various laboratories and studios that let them learn the constituents of design like the material processes, tools, and workspace. They are:

Foundation Studio

This studio offers an introduction to various specializations provided within the course curriculum for the beginners of fine arts. It incorporates different theories and approaches of fine arts, culture, history, material process, tools and focuses on how different ways of artistic thinking can come into existence in the field of art & design.

Painting Studio

Our students have access to a well-equipped painting studio, where they can explore fine arts in the form of paintings, freehand sketches, still life, outdoor sketching, murals, etc.
Art Materials & Tools: Canvas, Easels, Brushes, Paint, Oil

Sculpture Studio

The purpose of this studio is to provide an atmosphere in which students and professional artist faculty can work together, engage in critical dialogue, experiment, work, create and learn.
Art Materials & Tools: POP, Clay, Wood, Ceramics, Fiber Glass

Applied Studio

It is equipped with different tools to expose students to different mediums and techniques for visual expression such as the print media, computer-aided design, films and animation. It provides the environment to practically demonstrate various applications of fine arts in the world of media & technology.
Art Materials & Tools: Pencil, Ruler, Geometrical tools, Repitograph Pens, Calligraphy Pens, Bushes, Watercolors, Air Compressor

Sculpture Studio

Print Making Studio: The Printmaking Studio provides a complete studio experience with an emphasis on both traditional and contemporary techniques and concepts of printmaking. The Printmaking Lab runs a series of workshops in all Printmaking disciplines throughout the year.
Art materials & Tools: Print Making Machine

Exhibition Hall

The exhibition hall provides adequate display space to showcase students’ work. The hall exhibits some of the best works of our students in the forms of drawings, sketches, models, installations, etc.