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Department of Fine Arts

A perfect blend of theoretical approach nd practical implications


Program Education Objectives (PEO) of Fine Arts

PEO-1: Graduates will have successful career in Govt., Corporate, Printing industry, Film industry, Design organization, Industrial branding along Entrepreneurship in Fine Arts.

PEO-2: Graduates will be highly skilled in Painting in different medium Mural, Metal and Non-Metallic sculpture, Commercial Art, Digital Screen printing, Engraving and etching and Installation Art.

PEO-3: Graduates will be able to work as leader in a different environment as a team such as gender, nationality language, culture or creed and multi disciplinary requirements

PEO-4: Students with continuous exposure will gain industrial expertise and become effective and efficient industry leaders with the quality of entrepreneurship. Graduates will acquire particular set of skills that can be evolved with time and also with the demand of industry.

PEO-5: The curriculum aims in developing the individuals to be an avid learner throughout their life and use their collective knowledge for the benefit of the society. The curriculum also invokes a sense of, business and professional ethics while working for people belonging to a diverse culture.

Program Outcomes (PO) of Fine Arts

PO-1: Students will get skills that will make them employable in different segments of Fine Arts and entertainment industry.

PO-2: The curriculum aims at interpreting ideas in the simplest ways that can be understood by people devoid of any basic design knowledge. Students will demonstrate their knowledge, skill, dedication and work ethics required to be a successful member of a production team.

PO-3: Students will learn the ability to work collaboratively in group-based activities.

PO-4: Students will communicate their ideas and emotions in creative ways. Students will use their critical thinking skills and problem solving strategies for overall professional growth.

PO-5: The curriculum aims at cultivating professional interaction with sects of people belonging to other disciplines and carry out the required task in the most efficient way.

PO-6: Applied Art aim at making the students to achieve Commercial and market oriented Art which will beneficial for them in future.

PO-7: Advertising aims at making the student to acquire knowledge about different aspects of Advertising like Print media and Broadcast media.

PO-8: Through Painting and Sculpture student will develop sense of aesthetics to see things from different perspective in other spheres of the life.

PO-9: Student will able to know how to interpret the works in the Art gallery or in the Museums.

PO-10: Through History of Art students will be connected to their roots, culture and heritage.

Program Specific Outcomes (PSO) of Fine Arts

PSO-1: Fine Arts- After completing graduation, the students will be equipped with creative and technical skills in various domains of Fine Arts. This will enable them to be employed globally. Fine Arts Students will be able to generate employment for others. Thus, rather being job seekers they will be job providers by running other own ventures.

PSO-2: Painting- This specialization offered to the students in last year will enhance their knowledge in the field of Painting. Students will be expert in the specific domain of Painting and all other Fine Arts related fields. With the painting, a student can become Art Director, Art Directors are the upper level executives who design and direct, art works graphics.

PSO-3: Applied Art- This specialization offered to the students to enhance their knowledge in the field of 2D Animation & Graphic Design. Students will be expert in the specific domain of Graphics Design, 2D animation and work in Films, Games, Design Companies and all other related fields. This specialization offered to the students to enhance their knowledge in the field of Advertising and different media of Advertising like Print media, Broad cast media etc.

PSO-4: Sculpture- This specialization offered to the students to enhance their skill and knowledge in the field of Sculpturing. It will enhance their skills in both Creative and knowledge of different mediums like stone, wood, metal etc. Sculpture artist can work on Public Art Installations and create commissioned work for various businesses, art organizations. They also may teach Sculpture Art, Restore works of Art, create Sculpture reproductions and Models for televisions and films.