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Why join University Institute of Agriculture?

University Institute of Agricultural Sciences, Best Agricultural Sciences Institute in India, offers a dynamic, interdisciplinary and hands-on education. Because we challenge conventional thinking and value imagination and innovation in the modern agricultural sciences. Shape your future with all the agricultural facilities and student friendly ambience at Chandigarh University of Agricultural Sciences. Other key benefits of taking a degree at UIAS are:

  • Brainstorming & Guidance by Professionally Trained Faculty & Global Industry Experts
  • Flexible Academic Model with Choice of Open Electives

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Few highlights of UIAS Department:

  • UIAS has the state-of-art infrastructure including well-equipped laboratories, extensive farmlands and an operational research management system.
  • UIAS has unique academic model comprised of teaching major, minor and open elective courses and project work.
  • Give a global vision to your career and get ahead with our strong Global alliances.
  • Chandigarh University offers highest return on investments to the students and their parents.
  • The impeccable placement record of Chandigarh University makes it the most sought after educational institute in North India.

Message from Executive Director

Prof. (Dr.) Bhagat
University Institute of Agriculture

With the advent of technology, Agriculture in India is now largely a blend of traditional knowledge refined over years coupled with growing mechanization. I am happy to share about University Institute of Agriculture Sciences (UIAS) of Chandigarh University, which blends modern agriculture education (as per fifth Dean’s Committee of ICAR) with cutting edge technology in its curriculum. We aim to produce a Human Capital trained to lead agriculture in contemporary times, when there are more challenges of uncertainty in climate, resource constraints and a burgeoning population. A pragmatic approach to Agriculture Education is our prime aim, so that the human resources that we produce can tackle farm problems both in organized (large holders) as well as in unorganized sector (small holders). Besides a robust academic programme, we have specialized trainings on farmers’ fields as well as in agri-based industries so that the students have a real world feel of problems and prospects of agriculture.

What our students say

What makes University Institute of Agriculture Unique?

Catering to the needs of Agribusiness and other versatile skills of Agriculture, UIAS trains students to innovate, products and processes for the emerging potential agri market. With us, you will be gaining the right professional attitude and aptitude, both on the qualitative and quantitative forefront. What else makes UIAS unique is:

Globally Adaptable Course Curriculum designed after taking inputs from industry experts

Research, Innovation & Industrial Consultancy as a part of the curriculum

360° Pre-placement Training to make students interview ready

Dedicated Technical Clubs to enhance practical knowledge of the students


Agri Lab1

Agricultural Microbiology Laboratory at UIAS is designed to study the structure and functionality of microbial community in order to develop new products for agricultural and industrial purposes.

Agri Lab

At Genetics and Plant Breeding Lab at UIAS, we carry out this task through the provision of services, individual and group training programmes, and through research and development activities.

Agronomy lab at UIAS, CU is well equipped with modern instruments and equipments required for research work. .

Awards & Rankings

Chandigarh University, Punjab enjoys high standing among many national rating services that evaluate quality of education, research activity, affordability and athletic excellence.

Best Student Friendly University – Star Group

CU becomes the youngest university to be ranked by NIRF

CU ranked in Top 10% for Employability by Aspiring Minds