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Department of FINE ARTS

A perfect blend of theoretical approach nd practical implications

Why Join Department of Fine Arts?

Department of Fine Arts at Chandigarh University, an elite department well-known for its creativity and innovation offers multi-dimensional fine arts program that covers a number of disciplines of the field. From painting, sculpting, applied arts, graphics to so much more, our program gives informed awareness of amalgamating fine art with existing visual, cultural and societal concerns. With us, you will:

  • Undergo a curriculum that comprehends a mixture of theoretical & practical elements
  • Gain the best hands-on experience for better visualization in creating new art forms
  • Bridge the gap between conventional & modern art
  • Meet & learn from renowned Artists, Painters & Sculptors

What makes Department of Fine Arts unique?

The academic curriculum of the Fine Arts program at Chandigarh University is designed to manifest unique ideas and concepts. Our course would be a great choice for students who enjoy creating unique art. What else sets us apart is:

  • Flexibility to choose majors in interdisciplinary fields like Animation, Interior Design, Fashion Design and more
  • Advance teaching approaches, namely audio visual aids are used for better teaching & understanding
  • Numerous academic historians & industry experts are invited to widen the knowledge of students
  • Partnerships with renowned names like Digitoonz, Pritam Films-Jalandhar & Prime Focus and more for placements & internships
  • Collaboration with international universities for global exposure
  • Visits to the prominent artist’s studios, art galleries, national exhibitions, international exhibitions, art workshops for industry insight

To establish the harmony around the globe, we are firm to create an atmosphere of beautifully designed shapes and forms through our most modern arts and artists.

  • To provide a space for aesthetical gesture.
  • To keep abreast with changing requirements of the industry.
  • To set an atmosphere to discuss the deformation and its solution. To bridge the conventional and modern.
  • Research and unveil the arts form from the globe.
  • To create viable Intellectual property.
  • To provide add-on value to all the stakeholders.
  • To tie-up with professionals, institutions and industry for training and curriculum development.
  • To create research & development center for fine arts & new multimedia technologies.
Programs Offers

Under Graduate Programs

Eligibility Criteria : 10+2 or its equivalent examination in any stream conducted by a recognized Board / University / Council.

Course Duration : 4 Years

The Course of BFA offers first and second semesters as Foundation Course in which the students are introduced to the basic knowledge and techniques of Sketching, Drawing, Painting, Calligraphy, Design, Geometry, Print Making, Clay Modelling and Carving. From Third semester till Eighth semester, students choose their specialization fields as per their interest and carrier choices and procure training and practice in the specific specialization.

USPs of Department
  • AIU National overall champion Fine Arts.
  • Live projects working experience.
  • Learning industry skills to handle commissioned works Government/Non      Government.
  • Industry expert talks for latest updates.
  • Providing platform for Student exhibitions, solo shows and Group shows. 
  • We have designed the course for existing and upcoming market as we have new mediums like digital painting and digital sculpting.
  • Good balance of traditional and digital art in our curriculum.
  • Value added programs as gender equality and Waste management.
  • More than 50 prominent universities in different  countries
  • Specializations Painting , Sculpture and Applied Art
USPs of Programs
  • Applied Art

Applied Art Professionals are visual communicators. They communicate the complex ideas in simplified manner so as to connect with multiple viewers and convey their ideas to their specific audience. They use wide variety of concepts and media to inform, direct, promote, entertain, engage, and educate audiences.  Applied art consists graphic designing i.e. Logo Designing, Poster Designing, Press Advertisements, Magazine Ads, Book Illustrator, Stage Exhibition, Movie Set Designing, Digital Designs i.e. Gaming, Mobile Phone Icons, Photography, Packaging Designing and others.

  • Painting

Painting is a specialization in BFA which develops the student into a learned painter. The students learn to express his emotions and communicate his feelings through different types of painting techniques. They are introduced to the advanced painting techniques with the emphasis on the development of thinking perspective. There is a focus on development of the skills as well as the thought process of the student.  Students are taught sketching and painting, portrait study, study from live models, Composing different elements and principles together to create Compositions. Along with a number of traditional styles of painting techniques, students are introduced to the Digital techniques of the painting as well, which widens the career possibilities for them.

  • Sculpture

Sculpture is the specialization under BFA Course which moulds the students into a learned sculptor. It tutors the person to express his ideas, thoughts and emotions through the different.  It is no longer restrained to the traditional sculpting only. There is an inter play of assembled forms which involve a broad range of techniques and mediums. The students are inculcated with the practical knowledge and experiences of Clay Modeling, Mold-making, Casting, Carving, Welded Sculpting, Installations and Pottery. They are aided with different Educational visits, Workshops, Art Exhibitions and Interactive sessions with eminent sculptors. Sculpting open ups way to strong and varied Professional opportunities: Sculptor, Digital modeller; Sculptor, Set designer, Muralist, Furniture designer, Museum curator, Metal fabrication, Mosaic artist, Mint industry (coin designer), Toy designer, Replica artist in museum, Car modeller, Medical modeler and Ceramic designer to name a few.