Department of Applied Sciences

Considered as a discipline that applies on-hand knowledge to develop more practical applications, Applied Sciences is a systematic enterprise that works in the pursuit of exploring new. With an extensive portfolio of courses, the Department of Applied Sciences at Best Engineering College in India enriches learning with high quality teaching, modern curriculum, hands-on experience, state-of-the-art well-equipped laboratories, a resource rich library and an innovation center.

Working on the perspectives of enhancing critical thinking, and developing the power of analyzing things to change information into knowledge, the department focuses on extra-curricular activities along with academics. Students are made familiar with the basic engineering principles to make them multifaceted. The course curriculum of Applied Sciences at one of the best universities in India is such designed that it takes care of the growing requirements of the industries. The department has its monitoring system, namely “Counselors Teacher” Scheme that monitors attendance, academic performance and other extracurricular activities of students regularly and the reports are sent to the parents timely.


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