Department of Applied Sciences, Chandigarh University complements its innovative educational practices with state-of-the-art infrastructure so that the students can gain maximum knowledge. Various domain focused labs and workshops housed in the department are:

The department has 11 computer laboratories with advanced infrastructure in terms of hardware and software, accessible to all the students and teachers. The computer station has access to the internet round the clock.

6 PCS labs equipped with computers and internet facilities are used to enhance the student's communication skills by working on E.L. Client software which provides them platform to listen to the activities and answer them.

5 programming labs fully equipped with the latest programming software’s to enhance the programming skills of students in C and C++ are run by the department.

The Chemistry labs provide a clear and hygienic ambience to carry out experiments. All 4 labs are annually upgraded with the latest equipments and safety gadgets like spectrophotometer, pH meter, conductivity meter etc.

The lab is fully equipped with various measuring instruments used in different areas of Physics.

In this lab, students, research scholars and faculty members can work with the sophisticated 2-D & 3-D design and analysis software.

Department of Applied Science (Chemistry Group) has 2 research labs viz.

  • Advance Environment Lab - This lab is equipped with all the essential facilities like flame photometer, water testing kit, distillation unit, magnetic stirrer etc. It is used for conducting various experiments related to water and waste water treatment in addition other research experiments related to chemistry. Further efforts are being made to get the lab certified so that it can be used for consultancy purpose.
  • Mathematics Research Lab - This fully equipped lab is used by faculty and research scholars to perform a wide range of complex experiments and to acquire the skills necessary to conduct modern research in a safe and progressive scientific environment.


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