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BOD incubators are used to maintain a temperature range of 5ºC below ambient to 60ºC These incubators are used in study of biochemical oxygen demand in studies related to bacterial culturing, Germination, Plants, Fermentation and insect studies. The BOD incubators unit equipped with lights which are suitable for plant growth and insect studies

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Circulatory Water Bath:

Refrigerated bath circulator provides efficient cooling for open and closed applications, with temperatures ranging from −25° to +200°C and maximum. Cooling Capacity 500w with maximum Volume 12 Ltr and max pressure 300 mbar and Flow rate 17 Lit/ min .Dimensions (L x W x H) Exterior 48.3 x 27.3 x 71.1 insulation between interior and exterior walls. Temperature from 5 º C to 50 º C. Size of Inside Chamber BOD, LTD-2 10 u.Ft.570 550 x 875MM 280 ltrs.

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Stereoscopic Microscope

Nikon's stereoscopic microscope with 7.5x zoom and 115 mm working distance

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