through Advanced Credit Program

  • Showcase your Passion
  • Infusion of global values
  • Learn program aptitude
e.g. Engineering, BBA etc.

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e.g. Engineering, BBA etc.

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What is ACP?

Chandigarh University’s Passion to Profession through Advanced Credit Program offers unique pathway for bright and inquisitive young minds to develop their career by enjoying their passion. This specialized certification program is offered to UG and PG students seeking admissions in Chandigarh University. Besides developing passion with ethic inculcation along with certification, the students will earn University credits while developing the primordial knowledge and skills for the program student willing to take admission.

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Objectives of ACP

  • Igniting aspirants' talent by helping them pursue their spirit & awarding certification for their passion.
  • Developing universally recognized spiritual, compassionate and dynamic minds with positive and ethical thought process through global values instillation & certification.
  • Early induction to professional career by preface of beginners with aptitude of program of their interest and a professional certification.


    Earn credits for your professional studies
    Get a nationally recognized free certification
    Share your passions and skills with the world
    Imbibe global values and learn program concepts
    Confirmed membership in university clubs and societies

2023 Model for Advanced Credit Program

Level 1
Proclaim Your

Starts on Feb 15th, 2023

Success stories, Live Interactions, Opportunity for Passion showcase and much more

Level 2
Global Values’

April 1st 2023

Inculcation of global values, Eminent Global speakers, Global values certification

Level 3
Program Basics Inculcation

Starts on May 15th, 2023

Learning of program basics, Skill Certified Credit Certificate


Passion Exposure

Global Values

Program Primordials


Live Interactions

Self Learning Materials


Choose Your Passion

Advanced Credit Programs for below


A wide spectrum of programs paired with flexibility, experiential learning and interdisciplinary orientation emancipate our students to explore their interests and pursue dream careers. At CU we are grooming students to be socially sensitive through intellectually challenging and contemporary diverse cultures. University has introduced new scheme i.e. “Advanced Credit Program 2022” for the students admitted during Academic Session 2022-23. In this scheme, the University provided Certificates & Credits for students appearing in the Advanced Credit Program certification Test. Chandigarh University is fully committed to its Institutional Social Responsibility. The University, besides being pioneers in quality education, is proactive in uplifting the education standard and qualification of students of the nation in general and the North region in particular. CU is enthusiastic to encourage and motivate bright students by providing additional benefits and facilities to shining stars and super achievers. During the previous years, the university ran the advanced credit program for 41 courses. This time the university is coming up with 120 courses with 3 modules enrolling student from his passion and promoting him to his/her profession.

Enrolment System

In ACP we have three Level courses.

Level 1
Your Passion

Candidate must register on CUCET website and enroll for L1 passion on ACP page in Proclaim your passion section

Free for All

Level 2
Global Values’

Student must clear L1 with completion certification, pay Rs 1000/ towards CUCET/ Brochure and enroll for L2 on ACP page in Global Values’ Infusion section (L2 section)

CUCET Registration Mandatory
(Registration Fees Rs 1000/-)

Level 3
Program Basics Inculcation

Student must clear L2 with completion certification, pay Rs 5000/ towards seat boking and enroll for L3 on ACP page in Global Values’ Infusion (L3 section).

Registration subjected to
passing of Level-2

What Students say about the Program

One of the most enriching experiences of my life.

Thank you to the faculty and staff for being so encouraging and nurturing. A special thanks to Ms. Lovely, Chef Saurabh Khurana for being great teachers like they are. Their fierce dedication to this Advanced Credit Programme is an very beneficial for all the budding hoteliers.

Advanced Credit Programme organized by UITHM, CHANDIGARH UNIVERSITY is like signing up for an exclusive world tour.

This wonderful session is a hub of different faculties who have laid a great platform for diverse and intense learning providing the students with the best facilities, state of the art and bringing out the best in us. Thank you Chandigarh University for gibing us this opportunity.

The session had multiple talented educators.

Our well-read panel of teachers encouraged us to learn and grow in the Department of Physics at Chandigarh University.” “The faculties who trained and took our credit program sessions were always supportive, encouraging and dedicated to make us better performers.

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