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Coming to CU helped me to get practical knowledge in a diverse environment and also gave me the path to fulfil my dreams. I applied for the UNA USA under International Credit Transfer program (ICTS) which offered graduation from a US public institute with an academic scholarship of $3000 and full housing scholarship! OIA lodged my visa during the pandemic and trained me for the Embassy interview. I have received a 5 year study visa and am very excited to learn in the land of opportunities.

I was into computers from childhood as I wanted to see how things worked in the background. That's how a small machine could do much. This led to me choosing CSE for which I came to CU. After my 1st semester, I started working with my Department professors & teachers on the applications & website. I worked for a year in the Department as a Developer. After my 3rd semester, I got to know that CU provides a credit transfer program in CSE in the USA which is the hub of the tech industry. This excited me. I was excited to take this chance up to get international exposure, which would help me in my career. Also, the OIA department of CU helped me a lot in the whole process, from sending SOP to university to training for the embassy visa interview. I got a 5 year study visa & I'm appreciative to the OIA department & Chandigarh University for this opportunity.

JIt was a hard decision as the pandemic had hit us hard. I didn't have any hope to get it but I applied for the ICTS program to the University of North Alabama USA anyways! OIA lodged my visa & trained me for the Embassy interview. I have received a 5 year study visa and am very excited for my dream to find success internationally. I am grateful to CU & OIA for this opportunity.

The desire to be more, to achieve more, to grow has always overwhelmed me. When I was young, I was interested in the vastness of AI and CS. I came to CU to fulfil that hunger. CU gave me more than that. I applied for the ICTS program, I was amazed that such an opportunity could exist. OIA helped me with the application, the visa and the mind blowing scholarships! I am grateful and plan to make the best out of my life!

My journey at OIA began with the Walt Disney Cultural Exchange program- the adventure that put so many things into perspective for me. It made me believe in myself and increased my thirst to travel. After completing BBA, I knew I wanted to go back to the USA for my MBA but pandemic brought in a lot of uncertainty and stress. OIA encouraged me to apply anyway. With their help, I applied at UNA which offered me a good academic scholarship and free housing. And to my surprise, my favourite dream started taking shape. I received the visa for the same all during the pandemic.Now I am excited and I believe I will make my goals happen. Taking chances is the secret to it. I am grateful to OIA for being the best support, the best guide and the best bridge.

OIA provided me with the best opportunity to study MBA in University of Newcastle, which is ranked 197 QS Global world university rankings. They also helped me with a scholarship of AUD 10,000 for MBA Global.Not only this, but the entire admission and visa formalities were simplified for me, I received my visa within 6 days, all during Covid times! I am grateful for full support from OIA team.

Even in the midst of uncertainty and fear in regards to Covid-19, You can never feel blue when you are in Paris! Sup biotech is taking all preventive measures in respect to our safety and education. We have online classes, all essential facilities at doorstep and counsellors and doctors just one call away. I feel safe away from home.

Recipient of International excellence Scholarship of AUS $15,000/Year on tuition fees for articulation program at University of Newcastle.

From the very start I knew it would be hard getting into the film industry but it was the path I had chosen for myself. Before taking up a good project with a filmmaker in Nepal, my father suggested that I pursue a bachelor's degree in this field for advanced knowledge. Coming to CU from Nepal not only helped me study amongst a diverse culture but also opened for me doors to the rest of the world. I applied for the credit transfer program to the University of North Alabama USA which would help me to save half the funds and graduate from a public institute in the US! OIA lodged my visa from India and trained me for the Embassy interview. I have received a 5 year study visa and am very excited for my dream to find success internationally..

Just when I thought it would not work out for me, that my dream will be delayed or completely dead, I got my visa for a dual degree program in the USA! I am thankful to OIA for not giving up when I almost did, because now I am ready to take the next step towards an international career.

My time in South Korea was a great learning experience. Chung Ang University has its own Start-Up Hub that encourages and supports student’s ideas. The whole university is wired, and the students can use the computer facilities in the campus to access the Internet and to use word-processing programs. The university is technologically advanced and engaging campus activities & events.

I studied for a semester and interned for the next in South Korea. The internship at Urban Tablet of Actualized Architecture Arcadia (UTAA) fulfilled most of my goals. I worked on the conceptual planning and mass modelling of the buildings. I developed my skills in many programs such as Adobe Illustrator, PS, AutoCAD, Sketchup and I even learned a new program- Revit and Rhino basics. The experience of working at UTAA has enriched me greatly. Working with real Professionals, practicing my skills and knowledge gained at school and to learn a lot of new things, I could probably never have learned in school.

The company has the mentally that the guest is their number one focus and we, as cast members, are here to create happiness for all that enters. The management truly invested in me and took my thoughts and feeling into consideration whenever they could. My job with this company was the most rewarding job I have had the pleasure of doing. Every day was a new adventure that led me to meet wonderful guest and fellow cast members.

Pursuing a Master's degree was a goal but getting 100% government scholarship for it was a dream made true! Global Korean scholarship has made my education and living in South Korea completely free. I was an exchange student previously at Chung Ang University and then I applied for a Master's. I chose this university for several reasons. It is not only tech advanced but it has sped up its pace in innovative teaching methods. The hard work of student is appreciated and encouraged. So many activities and events are conducted that helps in our personal and professional growth.

At UNA, we are inspired to go above and beyond. I have applied for a dual degree program where I will be graduate with CSE and Aerospace Engineering degree from UNA and University of Alabama. I have received scholarship on tuitions fees of 3000$/year and full housing scholarship. The UNA community is very welcoming and relaxed, always there to help whenever need be! I have interned with Office of International Affairs for one semester and based on the experience I gained, UNA International Affairs have recruited me for part-time job in campus.

For me studying abroad had been an unreachable and impossible goal, so I did not ever spend time dreaming about the world. When I came to know about the transfer programs in CU, me and my friends applied, not believing that we will get through it. Without any competitive exam and at a very affordable cost, I easily got admission, and before I knew it, I was packing up for this lifetime opportunity to complete my degree at A-State university USA! Life has been unpredictable in my case and I am so grateful for it!

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