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Taking part in this semester long program increases your employability and supplements the value of your degree by exposing you to different cultures.

A broad worldview to potential employers will demonstrate the ability to understand other perspectives, adapt to varying environments, work with diverse teams and bring an appreciation of insights and practices outside of your own. We take students for two intakes- Jan intake and September Intake every year.

Under semester exchange programs ( to Europe, Asia, South Africa, South America), students don't not require to pay tuition fees abroad, fees have to be paid at CU only. This brings the total cost to Rs 3.5-4.5 Lacs (inclusive of accommodation, meals, and air fare, visa, insurance and misc. expenses)

Under semester abroad programs (to USA, UK, Australia), a reduced semester fee has to be paid in international university, no fee to be paid at CU. Part-time is allowed. This brings the total cost to Rs 8-10 Lacs (inclusive of international university tuition fees, accommodation, meals, air fare, visa, insurance and misc. expenses)

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Several Government scholarships are
available as well in case of semester exchange.
Duration: 4-6 months
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Get exposed to international academics
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Semester exchange has limited seats. Grabbing the opportunity means moving out of the crowd.
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Broaden your horizons and your friend circle

Semester Exchange and
Abroad Options (Continent wise)

Semester Exchange and
Abroad Opportunities (Department wise)

Computer Science & Engineering
Petroleum Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Aerospace Engineering
Fashion & Fashion Textile Design
Forensic & Medical Science
Civil Engineering
Automotive Engineering
Agriculture Sciences
Management (BBA/B.COM/MBA)
Arts & Humanities
Electrical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Hospitality (HHM, TTM, AAM)
Film Studies & Drama/Dance
Mechatronics Engineering
Electronics & Communication Engineering
Nutrition & Pharmacy

Project Training & Internships

Country Course Duration
Europe Engineering and management 6 month Semester abroad program
Malaysia American Hospitality Academy 6 months

Get training in Industry giants of the world. This is international exposure + industrial experience.

Application Deadlines

For January Intake For September Intake
Nominations begin by 1st July- 30th August 1st January- 28th February
Application deadline 1st August- 30th September 1st February – 31st March

If you submit your application after the Final Deadline, places will be made available on a case by case basis, dependent on partner availability and deadlines.

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