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The Office of International Relations took form with an aim that everybody can study abroad at the least possible cost. Since then, it has become a platform for CU Students to explore international opportunities that have turned their world around. Short-term programs like paid internships, training and project semester programs, and summer cultural programs that provide international exposure and an extra-ordinary industry experience are offered on government scholarships, stipends, and fee waivers and funding. Semester exchange is a special agreement with the host university that turns the education free abroad and is available various courses under bachelor's and master's degrees.OIR has abundant opportunities around the globe for Articulation and credit transfer programs on appealing partner and institutional scholarships that go up to 50% and housing waivers. Many exceptional students have earned fully funded government scholarships on master’s degree to countries like Italy, France, South Korea, Thailand and Mexico, that took care of their tuition fees and living expenses for the entire duration of their studies.The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra. This success has come from the OIR’s strong international partnerships, student’s determination and hard work, and OIR team’s dedicated efforts.

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Study Abroad for future Engineers!

Whether your college journey is about to begin or is underway, you need an international experience that will set your resume apart!Below are some exciting cost friendly opportunities that you can’t miss!

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The truth behind semester exchange

When you ask the exchange program alumni about their experience, you will probably hear

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On 15 Dec 2019, Rubal Thakur, a student pursuing hospitality management, left India to pursue his internship in Malaysia along with many others. But due to the unfortunate pandemic and the resultant lockdown, he was stuck there unable to come back home mid-internship. After approx.1 month of quarantine, he and the other students were finally able to return back.

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