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Pre Arrival Information

Document Checklist: (Please carry the following documents along with you while traveling)

  • Original and photocopies of Academic Transcripts (Mark sheet & Certificates) Carry your original Certificates/Degree/Diploma and at least 10 passport-sized photographs.
  • Original and Photocopy of your PASSPORT / NATIONAL ID and VISA
  • Original Fee Transfer Receipt (SWIFT Advice from your Bank) of your Academic as well as Hostel Fee as Proof at the time of reporting and Registration for your Academic Classes.
  • Ensure proper Vaccinations (Yellow fever/ HIV/COVID-19 etc.) to avoid medical complications while you are in India at the Immigration checkpoint at International Airport.
  • Carry one copy of your Admission Letter issued by Chandigarh University at the time of reporting at University.

Other Important information:
  • Students are advised to carry a sufficient amount of Cash/Credit Cards as per their living standard and if carrying in US Dollars or any other currency, you may get it exchanged from Thomas Cook FOREX Counter at International Airport or any other relevant place.
  • Keep all your valuables and important documents (Passport, Visa papers, Acceptance letter, Academic Certificates, etc.) in your Cabin/Hand baggage, to avoid the possibility of their getting misplaced during baggage transfer by Airline staff, while in transit/change of Flights.
  • The electric standard in India works on 230 V. So, ensure that you have an adapter for your mobile or laptop if it operates on a different voltage in your country. Also, the electric sockets are 2 or 3 pins ( Circular ) so ensure that you carry a converter in case required.
  • Airport pickup at New Delhi International Airport or Chandigarh International Airport is strictly on advance booking basis and the requirement must be either submitted with CU Admission Office in your Home country OR with the International Admission department via e-mail at international@cumail.in, at least two weeks before your flight date. Provide us with your flight details so as to avail of the complimentary pick-up service.

Complimentary Airport Pickup Facility

* In case of delay in intimation, students will bear the travel cost/responsibility themselves.

Reporting Date:

Academic Session is scheduled to begin in the first week of… . The students will be allowed to stay in hostel accommodation only if the Accommodation/Hostel facility is booked in advance and paid Hostel Fee. The students who have not booked a hostel facility will be allowed to stay in the campus hostel only for one night. Such students will either deposit Hostel fees on the second day of their reporting at the campus to continue their stay inside campus accommodation or will have to move outside campus in their private accommodation.

Medical Insurance:

Health/Medical Insurance is Mandatory/ compulsory for all International Students and one copy of Insurance has to be submitted at the University at the time of Reporting at University. In case you are not carrying a Valid Medical Insurance policy, the Insurance premium will be debited in your School Fee Account and you will be covered under International Student Group Insurance Policy.

This group policy does not cover Routine medical checkups or OPD without Hospitalization.

Climate, Culture, and Food:

The temperature of Punjab during summer (May-June-July) ranges between 30 degrees centigrade to 44 degree centigrade and during winters (November- December-January) 2 degree centigrade to 20 degree centigrade, so it is advised to pack your bag accordingly. During the remaining months it’s usually pleasant (ie: during Autumn and Spring seasons)

You are advised to search more about Chandigarh University and its Geographic location, India & its Culture, Food, Important Tourist places in and around Chandigarh City.

The following points must be noted to all the students clearly:

  • CU campus is a Non-Alcoholic Campus. Any student found smoking or Consuming drugs/ Alcoholic drinks inside University premises (Campus/ Hostel/ Classrooms/ Rest Rooms, etc.) will be reported immediately to the Local Police Station for further action.
  • We have zero tolerance for Indiscipline and Ragging.
  • CU is a Wi-Fi-enabled campus so it’s suggested to carry your own laptop and Smartphones. Any student found involved in Cyber Crime (Hacking / Misusing Passwords /Pins, etc.) will be reported immediately to the Local Police Station for further action.
  • A formal dress code is always welcome. Student uniform code is mandatory every Wednesday.
  • Hostel rooms are equipped with mattresses, Pillow, Initial welcome toiletries. Whereas, personal toiletries, bedsheets & covers, Pillow covers, and all other personalized items can be purchased from University Tuck Shops.
  • Indian mobile sim cards can be purchased either from outlets inside the campus or can be purchased from any mobile shop outside the University campus.
  • Hostel room once allotted will be final and no shuffling will be allowed.

Post Arrival Information

  • International Student reporting at CU - Block 9
  • Student filing & Registration Process for UID generation.
  • Hostel Allotment by the Hostel Department

Mentioning Scholarship
for International Students

upto 50 % Scholarship for Meritorious Students


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