Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Whom should I report / meet first when I report to the campus?

Ans : You are required to meet Mr. Harpreet (Department of International Admissions) for joining formalities at Block 1, Room No.208 in the campus & obtain your UID (University Identification Number).

Q 2. Where can I buy an Indian Sim card for my mobile?

Ans : You can apply for buying an Indian Sim card using photocopies of either your passport or your University Identity Card along with your 2 passport size photographs at the various mobile shops everywhere. To avoid roaming charges, you are advised to purchase a sim card from Punjab state. Sim cards are available in the University campus as well.

Q 3. Can I use Wi-fi when I arrive to the campus?

Ans : You get Wi-fi login credentials from Mr. Harpreet (International Admissions Department) once you confirm you’re reporting to the campus. You can access the free WIFI (2 to 4 days only) inside the campus using your Tabs, Smartphone, Laptop, Tab, Surface, etc. There are separate Computer labs as well inside the Campus where the students can do necessary internet surfing.

Q 4. What are the facilities provided to the parents accompanying their children to the University?

Ans : There are separate rooms in girls and boys hostels for the stay of parents accompanying their children to the University. In case of lack of separate room facility for Parents, they can stay in the same room with the student and avail the hostel food facility. However, a prior information about arrival of parents along with their ward should be made to the International Student welfare officer Mr Benu Sehgal at - and/or

Q 5. What if I have some documents pending which I cannot submit at the time of Admission?

Ans : If you couldn’t submit some of your Transcripts and Qualification Documents at the time of admission, you are required to submit them within a week of reporting at the University. The students whose result has been declared have to submit their Transcripts and Qualification Documents at the time of reporting & registration. For the students whose result is awaited and not yet declared, they must submit an undertaking that their Transcripts and Qualification Documents will be submitted for verification immediately (within one week) after their results gets published.

Q 6. What type of facilities are provided inside the University Campus for students?

Ans : A) Dedicated Library in every Academic Block, where we facilitate students with the e-library as well and students can easily check for the available books & study material.

B) Central Library is open for all 7 days a week.

C) Hi-tech Computer Labs with Wi-Fi connection during the college hours.

D) Department of Student Welfare (DSW) where students can consult the Dean of Student Welfare/ International Student care official at any time regarding any of their concerns.

E) Various branded and local Food Courts and eating joints adjacent to every Academic Block where students can enjoy their meals and snacks at affordable prices.

Q 7. Are there any accommodations available privately outside/near the University campus? If yes from where can I get the list?

Ans: Yes, there are accommodations available outside the university campus. You can find such accommodations near the University in Kharar, Mohali or Chandigarh City.

Q 8. Can I pay the hostel Accommodation fee semester-wise?

Ans: Hostel Accommodation fee is supposed to be paid on yearly basis in advance as there is only one academic intake.

Q 9. Is there any Dress Code or Uniform for students?

Ans: The Dress Code or Uniform depends upon the Academic course you have selected (mandatory to purchase Uniform from Campus). There are some courses like Hotel Management, Airlines, Tourism & Hospitality, where students are supposed to wear a proper uniform as per the program requirement. For all other courses, students are required to follow the common Dress Code on every Wednesdays only.

Q 10. Where can students purchase Uniform?

Ans: The School Uniform is available within campus and can be purchased at the time of beginning of your classes.

Q 11. What is the medium of instruction in the classes?

Ans: Mode of Instruction in the classes is English.

Q 12. What If I am reporting late to the University?

Ans: If in any case you are reporting late to the University after your admission, your lectures attendance might run short for each day you come late after the session has begun. In case of such event you are advised to seek prior permission in writing with a valid reason of reporting late to the University. You may send your application on

Q 13. When do I have to pay for my balance Tuition and Hostel Accommodation fee?

Ans: You are strongly advised to pay any remaining balance Tuition fee for your semester before joining your classes and pay your remaining Hostel accommodation fee before you check in to University Hostel facility. The delay in any or both of above may result in blocking of your academic attendance and/or cancelation of your Hostel and food facility with immediate effect.

Q 14. What kind of Medical facilities are available at Campus?

Ans: Registered Medical Doctor is available in the campus during the working hours and there is separate OPD room for girls and boys along with the three Ambulances inside the campus. Medical Supervisors are also available 24*7 for the students inside their hostels. Also, you may carry the basic Prescribed Medical Kit with you when your report to the campus.

Q 15. Can I stay in Campus Hostel Room even after the end term examination?

Ans: After your final term examination and before the beginning of the next session you can continue to stay in your same Hostel Room for maximum one month inside the hostel without paying any extra Hostel fee.

Q 16. Can I cook of my own food inside my hostel room?

Ans: You can use Induction Heaters inside your hostel room for cooking. But you will have to pay the extra electricity consumption bill after the standard consumption is used.

Q 17. What all will be provided in my hostel room?

Ans: Bed, mattress, cupboards and a set of initial toiletries will be provided to the students free of cost. All other necessary stuff like Bed Cover and other Toiletries can be purchased from the Tuck Shop available inside the University hostel.

Q 18. Can I open a bank account inside the campus being an International Student?

Ans: Yes, we have the banking facility inside the campus. You can open your bank account in State Bank of India (SBI) branch within the University premises and use the ATM facility on various points with in the Campus.

Q 19. What kind of food is served in Campus hostel?

Ans: Both Non-vegetarian and Vegetarian food is served in all Hostels. The Food facility fee is included in you Hostel Accommodation fee (if applied for) thus there is no need of paying for food facility separately.

Q 20. Can I wear my national dress in the Campus?

Ans: Yes, you can carry your National dress or other cultural material like musical instrument, etc. in campus. You can wear the same during specific cultural events, International festivals, stage performances etc. to exhibit your culture and traditions.

21. Can I bring my Laptop to the campus?

Answer: We advise you to carry your own laptop while reporting to the campus else the same can purchase it from the local market in Chandigarh.

22. Will I get help for my FRO/Police registration from the University (not applicable for Nepalese/Bhutanese Students)?

Answer: Mr. Benu Sehgal (International Student Care Officer) will be in charge of FRO help desk & will guide you through the entire FRO registration process.

23. Can I Change the Program once I Get there?

Answer: Yes, you can Change the Program once you reach campus before a specific deadline (to be announced by the University) subject to availability of Seats in that respective Program.

24. How about my safety on campus?

Answer: The campus is guarded 24x7 by security guards & CCTV monitoring. Chandigarh University is a complete ragging free zone.

25. Can I Pay my tuition fee/ Hostel fee to the Education Consultant/Admission office in my country?

Answer: Tuition fee/hostel fee should be paid directly to the University using bank fee due invoice. Student will be personally responsible if they deposit their Tuition/Hostel fee to the Education Consultant/Admission Office in their country.

26. What is the payment schedule for Semester Fee & Hostel Fee?

Answer: Both semester fee & Hostel fee shall be payable in advance, Student needs to pay the first Semester Fee on or before arriving to the Campus. Subsequently, you are required to pay Even semester fee in November (tentatively) and for Odd semester in April (tentatively). Also note that Annual Hostel Fee shall be paid in advance along with the payment of Odd semester fee. This payment cycle shall be maintained throughout the program for every student.

27. Is there any other fee apart from Tuition fee or Hostel Fee payable by me?

Answer: Yes, students will have to pay Examination fee (Only for SAARC country students) , Fee for Chandigarh University Annual Fest, Fresher’s Party, Purchase of Uniform, etc. Examination fee is exempted for Non-SAARC country students.

28. Can I pay my fee in cash?

Answer: International Students are advised to strictly pay their fee using online mode i.e. Swift Transfer using Bank fee Due Invoice + Acceptance Letter sent at the time of admission. Cash Handling Charges are applicable in case of cash payment of fee.

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