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Frequently Asked Questions

Your application should consist of:
  • Cover letter: The cover letter should specifically mention the position for which you are applying and be addressed to the "Office of International Relation."
  • Resume.
  • Other materials, such as professional references, transcripts, and writing sample(s), may be requested at some point in the hiring process. However, it is not required to send these materials as part of your application unless the position announcement specifically requests them.
You will receive confirmation by an automated reply if you have submitted your application via email. If you do not receive an automated reply, resubmit your cover letter and resume via email, or use another method to submit your resume.
No. Please submit a separate cover letter and resume for each position you are interested in being considered for.
We generally focus on three areas of qualifications for our openings:
  • Educational Background
  • Including academic achievement
  • Specific job-related skills, as indicated.
There is no deadline for applying, but we do encourage students to apply early, since the process is competitive and positions are filled quickly.
All volunteer internships are unpaid.
We have programs for all students. Minimum requirement for any program is a valid passport.
Application for most programs begin at least 4 months prior to the beginning of the program. Disney cultural program begins 1 year in advance.
We have government and partner scholarships available on tuition fees and living expenses for semester exchange, articulation and masters degree programs that our students can apply for. We help in the profile building of students so that they have greater chances to win these scholarships.
Part-time is allowed to students going for semester abroad, articulation or masters degree programs. Students going for a summer program, internship program or semester exchange can't avail the same.
Employers look for candidates with International exposure and the ability to step out of their comfort zone. A semester exchange is the most affordable opportunity to do both while getting a marksheet from the foreign university.
The study abroad process begins with registration of 5000/- Rs
We conduct student sessions with IR Ambassadors who gave been to various destinations so that aspirants can get first hand information on any doubt or question in mind. One such event was the 'Global days' which was a one week event.
We keep our students updated through Instagram@cu.international, where we post general updates on daily basis. Once a student is registered with us, Regular emails are sent for specific information.
housing options vary from shared apartments to dorms / hostels and homestay. The most common housing option that students generally prefer is the trusted private apartment links provided by the host university closest to the university premises.
No. English is the medium of instruction in all out partners. However, learning a little bit of the foreign language can make the experience so much better.
The International students can opt for articulation and masters degree programs at various countries.
We keep in touch with the international relations of the host university so as to ensure complete safety and security of the student. You are as safe as you are in your home country.
A summer program can take from 1 week to 2 months. A semester/internship program is of 4-5 months. Articulation and masters degree programs are for long term and course dependant.
-Credit mobility is the next step to receiving offer letter. Here, subjects to be studied in Host University are chosen after being matched with those studied in home university.
- Then the process of visa filing begins for which we provide complete guidance and support. Students are given a country and program specific visa checklist according to which all documents are collected. We help in booking air tickets and health insurance. We take visa appointment in the concerned embassy.
Different programs have different costs. Certain programs are on full Scholarship.
For any issue regaAll programs have program coordinator to support you while your study abroad program in the host university.
The basic requirement for a semester exchange program is Passport, academics documents, resume and statement of purpose.
Once the student arrives back, we help them in registering for the semester and transferring credits to home university.
Study abroad is a combination of gaining international exposure, high quality education and global mindset while becoming independent and self-reliant. It improves career opportunities
We have global presence in 6 continents and our students have travelled in more than 40+ countries. You can choose from various options under short term and long term programs. In case you are unsure as to where to go, our counsellors will help you narrow down your options.
We have a content writer who guides students for writing the application documents.
There is a minimum number of credits you need to earn to validate your program and this number varies from country to country
The host university provides the candidates with fact sheet which contains a list of all subjects that a student can choose from. All subjects chosen by the student must be approved by their head of department and should also meet the minimum credit requirements.
Definitely. Our study abroad programs are framed in such a way that they don't clash with the degree course.
Students can apply for any program after 1 year of studies in Chandigarh university.
- Adjusting to the new surroundings is the difficulty that students generally face when they arrive at the new destination. Some might be confronted with homesickness and culture shock. But it's all a part of growing up
Students are strictly not allowed to overstay beyond the visa limit. In case, if students have applied for articulation or masters program, student can apply for post graduate work permit.
  • We conduct multiple mock visa interview sessions.
  • Visa file is made and checked by the most trained counsellors to remove the chance of any error.
We conduct a pre-departure session for all students who are ready to depart for the study abroad course. This session covers all do's and don'ts of study abroad.