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Chiang Mai University, Thailand

Chiang Mai University (CMU) is a public research university in northern Thailand founded in 1964. It has a strong emphasis on Engineering, Science, Agriculture, and Medicine. Its instructional mission includes undergraduate, graduate, professional and continuing education offered through resident instruction. Its main campus lies between Chiang Mai downtown and Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Province.

Ranking 551

Kasetsart University Thailand

Kasetsart University Thailand is the top-ranked public university in Thailand. It was the first agricultural university and the third oldest university in Thailand. It was established on February 2, 1943, to promote subjects related to agricultural science. Since then, Kasetsart University has expanded its subject areas to cover science, arts, social sciences, humanities, education, engineering, and architecture. The university also intends to include medicine and health science. Kasetsart University now has seven campuses. The main campus is at Bang Khen, Bangkok. With an enrollment of 58,000 students, it is the largest university in Thailand. Chandigarh University has signed an MOU with Kasetsart University to promote culture, education, student exchange programs and research oriented programs.

Ranking 651

Kasem Bundit University, Bangkok

Chandigarh University Signs MOU with Kasem Bundit University,Bangkok, offering CU students opportunities for short term programs in Business Management, Hotel Management, Mass Communication and Sciences. Joint research programs will enable our students to work on most emerging technologies and international outlook of professional and cultural life.


Thammasat University, Bangkok

Chandigarh University and Thammasat University, Bangkok,has signed MOU to offer summer and semester exchange programs, internships and progression studies. Both Universities will also be offering Cultural exchange, events and international conferences to both students and faculty.

Ranking 601

Burapha University, Thailand

Burapha University originated from Bangsaen Educational College is the first regional tertiary educational institute.