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About Animation and Multimedia


Ranked among the premier and best colleges in Punjab for offering animation and multimedia courses in the region, University Institute of Film & Visual Arts (UIFVA) works in the pursuit to bring cutting edge technology and traditional form of art together. With a strong emphasis on digitalization of the basic art forms, our curriculum is custom designed to equip students with the necessary design and best management skills that could be utilized in the emerging industry.

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average job growth for multimedia artists and animators is expected to increase by 6 percent from 2014-2024.

Best Animation and Multimedia Institute in Punjab

University Institute of Animation and Multimedia is the largest setup of animation and multimedia studies in the region. Offering under-graduate and post-graduate course in Animation and Multimedia technology, the course curriculum emphasizes on the use of specialized software applications such Corel Draw, Adobe, Photoshop, 3-D Max, Autodesk Maya, Sound Forge, Z Brush and Auto-CAD. Students use their expertise and creativity in these software programs to deliver outstanding results in the form of live projects. Creating applications for 3D gaming, students of UIAM have worked beyond the threshold of stated conventions.

Along with the guidance from experienced faculty, students are given hands-on-training on various simulations and live projects through successful industrial alliances.

University Institute of Animation and Multimedia has received accreditations and validations from leading companies, giving its students a professional edge.

Benefits of Choosing Animation and Multimedia as a Career

Animation and multimedia offers diverse career options ranging from software designing to advertising. The work involved requires both knowledge and creativity, making it one of the most sought after careers in the rapidly progressing global entertainment spectrum.

  • Modeling: Creation of the actual assets to be used in the Project, including characters, set, and props.
  • Technical Animation: Creating the technical aspects of the assets to be used for animation, such as motion rings and motion libraries.
  • Performance Animation: Adding motion to the created assets, whether characters which move and talk, or vehicles and spaceships, or objects which have to be projected in motion.
  • Effects: Creation of complex visual phenomenon like explosions, rain, fire, water, etc. through simulations and advanced tools.
  • Light and Rendering:  Creation of the ‘set lighting’ similar to that of real life and generating final images through extensive software calculations
  • Editing: Aesthetically cutting together desirable bits of footage to create a cohesive flow for the final narrative.
  • Production Control: A relatively new and emerging area of specialization. Production managers plan, schedule, and execute and entire production. It’s their scheduled deliveries that enable the final output to be generated on time.

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