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1st University in North India to hold National Record in Limca Book of Records

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Chandigarh University
NH-95 Chandigarh-Ludhiana Highway, Mohali, Punjab (INDIA)

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Chandigarh University is now

Asia's Best & Fastest Growing University

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Under the visionary leadership of S. Satnam Singh Sandhu, Chandigarh University has been strategically working to build the unmatched legacy that could be hard to beat. With research at the core of our approach and course curriculum vetted by the industry experts, CU assures complete dedication to achieve academic excellence. It has been consistently said that -- the quality of leadership greatly influences the individual's capacity and we at Chandigarh University believes in giving a strong impetus to our students that can impart them with the competence to turn vision into reality.

“Learning at University is an invigorating journey that allows you to grow and progress for the future-and there is no better place to do this than CU. University has marked 2017 as a year of student and faculty delight and our sole aim is to make university an unsurpassable place to study.”
Chandigarh Group has been envisioned to make a difference to the professional and higher education in the region. In the last 14 years, we have been able to garner the support, trust and appreciation of all the stakeholders, thus making us one of India’s most reputed professional institutions. Chandigarh University has become a strong brand name associated with excellence in contemporary teaching – learning models, innovation and service to the community.

Adjudged as Asia’s Best and Fastest Growing Private University and has earned top rankings in terms of our academic quality, diversity, and environmental sustainability. Flexible academic model extends learning at CU far beyond the classroom and this vibrant and competitive environment has motivated us to nurture knowledgeable, inspired and industry ready professionals. CU has committed itself to upholding the values we cherish as an academic institution, and to fostering an atmosphere that is respectful, supportive, and welcoming to all. The diversity of our backgrounds, talents, and perspectives will continue to enrich us all as we live and learn together.

Chandigarh University provides countless avenues for you to get involved and make connections with each other, such as through research and creative projects, campus organizations, intercollegiate athletics, volunteer work in our community, and much more. I encourage you to take advantage of all that Chandigarh University has to offer during your time here.

On behalf of Chandigarh University community, it brings me great joy to welcome you. We are proud to have you as part of Chandigarh University family and extend my warm wishes for a successful stay at the campus that can direct you on the path of a prosperous professional career.

Institutions of higher education have a single-minded purpose of directing the youth of the nation towards the path of progress and prosperity by inculcating ethical values along with holistic education. At Chandigarh University, we believe in providing an encouraging environment where students learn, discover, and innovate so that they become knowledgeable future leaders.

Chandigarh University’s most valuable stakeholders are the students whom we support by providing a horizon of avenues, develop their inquisitive minds through careful mentoring, and help the students on their professional journey, through the virtue of a friend, philosopher and guide.

Chandigarh University has successfully created unique systems for harboring a student centric environment where learning unfolds through a strong academic structure, fundamental teaching methodologies, persistent research and innovation and a promise to usher in the best resources from all over the world. Founding its core curriculum on practical training and problem solving approach, the versatile engagement helps every student to develop a multifaceted personality which transforms an aspiring professional into a leader for the futuristic global world.

It is a matter of great satisfaction that teaching-learning evaluation models created and adopted by Chandigarh University have been widely acclaimed by the corporate as well as all other stakeholders. Research and innovation efforts of the University have yielded good results and the University is moving towards excelling in these areas too.

With extreme happiness, I welcome all the new students, I am sure the students choosing to be part of Chandigarh University will find themselves to be in a hugely advantageous position to achieve their dream careers.

The first step towards grooming some well-trained professional lies in the thoughtful implementation of the core curriculum that can set them apart from the crowd. A University must not prepare its students only to gain employability, but to achieve excellence that can assist then in crossing thresholds of life with utmost brilliance. The objective of any educational institution should be to create a well-informed and thoughtful vision and developing a rational perspective for its students to follow.

With numerous rewards and honors for our diverse institutional setups that host a versatile academic structure, the university is being recognized for its vigilant and well thought-out implementation of its core educational curriculum formulated on the lines of the emerging industrial needs and global trends. The academics at CU revolve around practical learning through project work and provide students with ample opportunities to excel in numerous professional spectrums.

The university harbors an atmosphere that nourishes the intellectual mind and challenges the curiosity and inquisitiveness inside every student. Chandigarh University goes much beyond learning and skill development in order to help a student explore various opportunities that exist in the emerging global workforce. We are committed to our students in providing ample opportunities for a prosperous life.

At Chandigarh University, the focus is to create technologies and professionals that will benefit the local and global communities. I welcome you to visit the University campus to gain a better understanding of our beliefs and vision that are already nurturing leaders of the 21st century.