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Best Bachelor of Design (Interior) College in Punjab, India

Design studies have evolved from being a discipline that focuses on forms and aesthetics to a discipline that solves real-world business problems. Now designers need to be critical thinkers and have a sense of discernment while choosing and working on projects. The University Institute of Design at Chandigarh University enables students to develop these skills and adapt to contemporary and competitive professional environments.

The 4-year Bachelor of Design (Interior) program is offered with an exit option after 3 years and is designed to cater to the global needs of the design industry and help students broaden their horizons. The curriculum is formulated with a sensitive, collaborative and futuristic approach to design innovation. The program envisages embedding transdisciplinary capabilities among students through a flexible choice-based credit system, collaborative problem-solving, discipline-agnostic pedagogy, and joint studios.

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Message from Director, UID

Director, UID
Ms. Ashima Banker

Director, UID

I am happy to share about University Institute of Design (UID) with all of you. UID, an integrated part of Chandigarh University, aims at providing the unique opportunity to learn from practicing. We realize that making your mark in this profession is more than just developing technical skills and outstanding creativity. Here you will develop into a professional with personal perspective and creative vision required to significantly enrich and enhance the places where you work and live.

Best Bachelor of Science Interior Design in Punjab, India


  • Industry-Oriented Curriculum Comparable with World’s Top Universities
  • Flexible Choice-Based Credit System (FCBCS)
  • Project-Based & Experiential Learning
  • Highly Qualified Doctorate Faculty
  • Advanced Technologies & Integration For Premium Placements
Best Bachelor of Science Interior Design College in Punjab, India


  • Chandigarh University Common Entrance Test (CUCET)
  • Merit-Based Scholarships for the Academic Session
  • Scholarship & Educational Welfare Schemes for Wards of Defence Personnel in Armed Forces
  • Sports-Based Scholarships/Freeships
  • Other Important Scholarship Schemes

Chandigarh University Bachelor of Design - Interior
Eligibility & Fee Details

Bachelor of Design - Interior

Pathway After
Bachelor of Design (Interior)

Career Opportunities

  • Interior and Spatial Designer
  • Exhibition designer
  • Production Designer, Theatre/TV/film
  • Visual Merchandiser


Students are offered departmental electives across various disciplines from Semesters 3 to 7. The concentration baskets range from Product Design, Transport Design, UI/UX Design, Craft Cluster, Knitwear, Branding & Merchandising, Furniture Design, Exhibition Design, and Retail Space Design.

Students from across all specializations will be allowed to take courses from these baskets. In case, a student chooses to take a mix of courses from the baskets, the same are counted as individual electives. This encourages the students to adopt a transdisciplinary approach in the course of their studies.

USPs of the Program

  • Duration is 4 Years (With an Exit Option after 3 Years)
  • Regular workshops and seminars conducted by Industry experts.
  • Modernized and well-equipped labs

Software Used for Learning

  • Auto Cad
  • Sketchup
  • Lumion
  • Revit
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Vray
  • Nscape

Why Join the
University Institute of Design?

The University Institute of Design (UID) at Chandigarh University helps students to develop creative and critical thinking skills through hands-on practical training, the usage of cutting-edge technology, and the study of traditional and contemporary art forms. The program curriculums at UID emphasize the digitalization of basic art forms and are designed to familiarise students with the emerging trends in the industry. The institute offers highly trained faculty members, well-designed laboratories, and modern classrooms to enhance the learning experience of students and enable them to deal with any professional challenges that might arise in their careers. By opting for a program at UID, students will get a chance to take up independent projects and work in Design Studios.

What makes Department of UID -
Interior Design Unique?

At UID - Interior Design, students are encouraged to participate in workshops, industry visits, and field trips to gain hands-on experience in the world of interior designing. Guest lectures by prominent members of the industry are a huge part of the students' experience at Chandigarh University.

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Exclusive programs designed to foster all round development & leadership skills
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Strong Industry Interface providing Lucrative Job Opportunities
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Grooming for Personality Development of students into skilled professionals.
Unique icon
State-of-the-Art Lab & Technology for Hands-on Training.
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Multidisciplinary faculty to give you a wider view.

Vision & Mission of the Department

“Interior design department aspires to be globally recognized as a school of high creativity, producing world class designers who are able to set benchmark for future design trends offering optimum design solution for the society”

The Department of Interior Design endeavors to function in a collaborative manner, committed to creativity in every aspect of the design discipline and aim to produce better designers, who are better at making complex design decisions and are sensitive and ambitious practitioners who work with an open mind.

Vision and Mission of Bachelor of Science Interior Design

Chandigarh University has Welcomed Students from more than 50 Countries

With more than 100+ Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral programs to choose from, CU is one of the highly preferred destinations for International Students.

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