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Best Bachelor of Design (Product & Industrial Design) College in Punjab, India

Bachelor of Design (B.Des.) - a four-year professional degree program will provide you with the technical and intellectual skills to come out with your own practice to address the requirement of political, environmental and social environment. The course is suitable for students who are keen in developing their careers in fields of product design, transportation design, UI/UX design, design research, photography, story-telling, process planning and system development etc.

Product & Industrial Design involves implementation of creative ideas in developing products, focusing on its aesthetics, forms, functions, physical ergonomics, branding and marketing etc. Product & Industrial Design is the professional practice of designing products, devices, objects and services.

Bachelor of Design (Product & Industrial Design) at Chandigarh University

Studying Bachelor of Design (Product & Industrial Design) at CU will allow you to create services and objects that educate, entertain, inform and work towards improving the well-being and health of people. As a student of Product & Industrial Design at Chandigarh University, your study experience will be enriched by hands-on practical exposure with leading research practitioners. The course will equip you with the necessary skills to think creatively and logically and to take advantage of emerging technologies. The effective course design will teach you to address contemporary issues in an independent and creative way.

Product & Industrial Design Discipline nurtures the creative mind through rigorous inputs in technology, thinking and conceptualizing abilities. While pursuing this degree, students will gain confidence and experience to turn critical thinking and creativity into real-world solutions by designing products with purpose.

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Message from Director, UID

Director, UID
Ms. Ashima Banker

Director, UID

I am happy to share about University Institute of Design (UID) with all of you. UID, an integrated part of Chandigarh University, aims at providing the unique opportunity to learn from practicing. We realize that making your mark in this profession is more than just developing technical skills and outstanding creativity. Here you will develop into a professional with personal perspective and creative vision required to significantly enrich and enhance the places where you work and live.

Specializations offered in:

Product Design

To develop new Products that solves users problem and Understand and address the needs of given market.

Transport Design

To Design Effective Mobility Solutions and Develop Interiors and Exterior of vehicles.

UI/UX Design

To Understand and Plan things for better User’s Experience and Developing Interface for mobile apps, website etc.

Best Bachelor of Design (Industrial) College in Punjab, India


  • Industry Oriented Curriculum Comparable with World’s Top Universities
  • Flexible Choice Based Credit System (FCBCS)
  • Project Based & Experiential Learning
  • More Than 70 Open Electives To Pursue Inner Delight
  • Advanced Technologies & Integration For Premium Placements
Best Bachelor of Design (Industrial) College in Punjab, India


  • Chandigarh University Common Entrance Test (CUCET)
  • Merit Based Scholarships For Academic Session
  • Scholarship Scheme For Wards Of Defence Personnel Armed Forces Educational Welfare Scheme (Afews)
  • Sports Based Scholarships/Freeships
  • Other Important Scholarship Schemes

Chandigarh University Bachelor of Design - Product & Industrial
Design Eligibility & Fee Details

Bachelor of Design - Product & Industrial Design

Pathway After
Product & Industrial Design


After completing a degree in Product & Industrial Design, there are several career paths that the graduates can pursue.

Product Design
  • Design Consultancy for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Household Product Designer
  • Furniture Designer
  • Designer in Electronic Appliances Industry
  • Accessory Designer
  • Lifestyle Product designer
  • Designing Medical Equipments
Transportation Design
  • Design Consultancy for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • Designer in Automotive Industry Original Equipment Manufacturer for Manufacturing Multiple Products
UI/UX Design
  • Designer for communication Design
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Designing games in Gaming Industry
  • Graphic Designer

Why Join Product & Industrial Design ?

If you have the passion to serve the needs of consumers, society, manufacturers and the environment and want to develop products that are aesthetically appropriate, safe and useful, then a degree in Product & Industrial Design is for you.

  • Curriculum is comprised of conventional classroom instruction, hands-on training in design studios, independent design projects, and practical training experiences.
  • Students learn to apply problem-solving, visualization, and technological skills to develop the function, form, and appearance of a range of industrial products.
  • Focused approach towards Design Research, Sketching techniques, Design visualization, Design prototypes and Dimensional design.
  • Green technology is expected to be a major component of global design market.
  • Domestic auto sales is expected to grow to 18% by 2030 which will provide huge opportunities for Product & Industrial Designers.
  • Make in India will push Original equipment and machine manufacturing industry to 17.2% by 2030 exploring number of design opportunities.

What makes Department
of Bachelor of Design (Product & Industrial Design) Unique?

B. Design (Product & Industrial Design) at Chandigarh University focuses to be purely practical and give students the best hands on experience for better visualization in creating new objects.

Unique icon
Students have the flexibility to work in multi – disciplinary environments.
Unique icon
Students learn from professionally trained faculty and Product & Industrial Designers.
Unique icon
Well equipped design studios: Digital Rendering Studio, Prototyping Studio, Ceramic Studio, Wood Studio, Paint Studio, Design Arcade and many more.
Unique icon
Compulsory Industrial Training, Internship, expert talks, independent design projects makes our budding designers industry ready to face any design challenge.
Unique icon
We focus on making our students more confident and bring out the best in them. Design is all about uniqueness and we churn it out here at Chandigarh University.
Unique icon
Students are provided with proper prototyping facility where they can work with different materials and create products by their own.


To be globally recognised as a school of highly creative implementations, producing world class designers who are able to set benchmark for the future design generations offering optimum design solutions to the society.


  • To provide world class design education and training to the aspiring minds through hands on experience in design studios, independent design projects and practical training experiences.
  • To allow design students to develop their individual viewpoint and an understanding about the values of society which affect the design of complete environment.
  • To motivate aspiring design minds to apply problem-solving, visualization and technological skills to develop the function, form, and appearance of a range of industrial products.
  • To emphasis on experiential learning via open classroom approach that allows students to intricate practical implementation of fundamentals.
  • To provide research focused learning based on the knowledge of the consumer needs and aspirations, resulting in effective and most- suited design developments.
  • To apply focused approach towards design research, sketching techniques, design visualization, design prototypes and dimensional design.
Top Bachelor of Design (Industrial) College in Punjab and India
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With more than 100+ Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral programs to choose from, CU is one of the highly preferred destinations for International Students.

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