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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Firmly established as a rapidly rising hub of excellence for innovation and entrepreneurship, Chandigarh University actively nurtures and empowers handpicked creative ideas across diverse fields, transforming them into valuable and viable business opportunities.






A beacon of innovation & education, CU fosters research, experiential learning, and industry ties for students' future success. With substantial funding, 50 research groups, 30 advanced labs, and numerous patents, CU sets remarkable standards in academia & research.


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The range of research activities at Chandigarh University is wide-ranging and profound. University scholars conduct research in practically every domain, and pursue to develop human knowledge through investigation, invention, and understanding. Chandigarh University is recognized by SIRO (Scientific and Industrial Research Organization).

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Chandigarh University research is strengthened by additional 52 Crore of funded research by the government bodies and corporates. The research is conceded at both in the department itself and at University Centre for Research & Development and at the 60 Research centers within the campus. Chandigarh University Research fraternity includes teaching staff members, scholars, postgraduate and undergraduate student & international scholars. The university has tie ups with the prominent national and international institutions for joint research and guidance. University is also focusing on the innovation and patents. The innovation and entrepreneurship activities is carried out at Chandigarh University Technology Business Incubator.

Technology Business Incubator is an innovative platform offering mentorship and financial support to passionate individuals aspiring to be entrepreneurs. TBI is accelerating the development of young entrepreneurial start-ups from early to mid-stage entrepreneurial development. Chandigarh University filed 2400+ Patents, which is second highest number of patent filed by any institution/organization in India.

Latest Research News

Chandigarh University Research for a better world

“Here’s what we have been up to lately!”


Chandigarh University students invent 'Queen Belt' for women's safety

At a time when rape cases are increasing at an alarming rate, a group of students from Chandigarh University have invented a device for women's safety. The students have invented.


Chandigarh university student invents app-based, battery-operated cycle

A university student in Chandigarh invented an application-based battery-operated cycle for the students living in hostel to travel to their classes. Bicycle spot can be traced through.

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