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Best University Institute of Teachers Training and Research College in Punjab, India

University Institute of Teachers Training and Research (UITTR) at Chandigarh University (CU) a leading institute for professional education of aspiring teachers. Working closely with national and local partners our courses largely focus on professional learning that enable students to develop a wide range of transferable skills, knowledge and understanding through an excellent educational experience. Approved by the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE), our innovative courses combine the academic study of a chosen field with a practical focus on career development in related areas. These courses will build a broad theoretical and practical understanding of the education sector for those aiming to enter the field and build a rewarding career in both the Private and Government Sectors.


Discover the soaring need for proficient and adept educators in today's education realm, precisely what our program equips our students with.

  • Trained Graduate Teachers in Govt and Non-Govt Schools
  • Entrepreneur in the Education Sector/ Education Consultancy Business
  • Content Developers in Ed-Tech Companies
  • School Counsellor/ Administrator
  • Subject Expert/ Tutor
  • Civil Services
  • Researcher
  • High Education in Indian and Foreign Universities
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Message from Principal, UITTR

HOD Animation image
Prof. (Dr.) Inderpreet kaur

Principal, UITTR

At University Institute of Teachers Training & Research, we believe that education should not merely equip an individual to adjust with society, instead, it should enable to bring desirable changes in the society. We are committed to nurturing responsive and motivated students through a ‘dynamic success oriented’ education program.

Our distinction lies in the pursuit of higher academic attainment through our core values. As part of a society that stands for ‘educational leadership’ and ‘scholarly achievements’, we incorporate the traditional principles of teaching along with emerging trends of modern methods of pedagogy.

Laurels of University Institute of Teachers Training & Research



Overall Amongst
All Universities
in Asia

Ranked in
Top 10%

for Employability by
Aspiring Minds


Friendly University –
Star Group

Top 105

Science Colleges
across India

Elite &

NAAC A+ Universities


by India's only Education
Magazine Careers360


leading to
Impeccable Placements
Pastoral &


leading to Experiential

USPs of Department

Advanced Curriculum

The curriculum designed in guidance with Industrial & Academic Experts. Learning for both undergraduate and doctorate students to open opportunities in the field of their interest.

Qualified Faculty

Faculties with International exposure, post-doctoral research, and industry experience.

Research and Industrial Exposure to students

Student research projects for both UG and PhD courses. Collaborations with Industries to promote student exposure through Consultancy, Industrial visits, Internships & Training.

State of Art Infrastructure

High-end Research Equipment & Instrument facilities like Smart Boards, Smart Projectors, Advanced Computer Labs equipped with AI and professional Software, Pilot scale fermenters, plant tissue culture facilities, CO2 Incubator, Phase contrast Microscope etc.

Grooming for Competitive Examinations

NCTE recognized with special emphasis on CTET / STET Examinations.

Focus on Research

Students research projects, patents and publications in SCOPUS.

Save Time and Money

Dual Degree Saves a Year of Academic Engagement and Fees.

Innovative Teaching Pedagogies and Multidisciplinary Approach

Students are introduced to innovative teaching strategies and Pedagogies.

Focus on Placements

TET enabled Curriculum 80% of the students cleared CTET in March 2023.

International Semester Exchange Program

Be a global candidate and increase your employability by exposing yourself to different cultures, new ideas and opportunities.

Organic Chemistry Lab

The laboratory is a well equipped with instruments like Hot Air Oven, Rotary Evaporator, Polarimeter and more. Various practical for B.Sc. B.Ed. 2nd year are performed in this lab.

Botany Lab

The practical related to cryptogamic botany, diversity and systematic of angiosperms, genetics, plant growth development and biotechnology, plant physiology, plant ecology and more are performed in this laboratory. To conduct the aforementioned practical, we have housed various specimens, glassware, and equipment.

Zoology Lab

The practical related to biodiversity, microbiology, immunology, ecology& evolution, biochemistry, animal physiology, developmental biology, comparative anatomy, entomology and fisheries are performed in this lab.

Advance Chemistry Lab

The Advance Chemistry Lab conducts advanced chemistry practical for the final year students. The experiments mainly performed here are related to synthetic chemistry including both organic and inorganic branches.

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Objectives of University Institute of Teacher Training And Research

  • Holistic Teacher Preparation: Provide a comprehensive and integrated curriculum that combines subject-specific knowledge with pedagogical skills to prepare students for teaching at all level.
  • Subject Mastery: Develop a deep understanding of the chosen subject area (Humanities for B.A.B.Ed and Science for B.Sc.B.Ed) to ensure a strong foundation for effective teaching.
  • Pedagogical Training: Equip students with effective teaching methodologies, instructional strategies, and classroom management skills to create engaging and conducive learning environments.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Foster an interdisciplinary perspective to enable educators to make connections between different subjects and create a more integrated educational experience for their future students.
  • Experiential Learning: Incorporate practical experiences, such as teaching practicums, internships, and fieldwork, to provide hands-on exposure to the realities of the teaching profession.
  • Technology Integration: Integrate modern educational technologies into the curriculum to enhance teaching and learning experiences, preparing students to navigate technology-rich classrooms.
  • Cultural Values and Inclusivity: Promote cultural sensitivity and inclusivity in teaching practices, emphasising the importance of recognising and respecting diverse backgrounds and learning needs.
  • Professional Ethics and Leadership Skills: Instill a strong sense of professional ethics and leadership qualities, preparing students to uphold the values of the teaching profession and take on leadership roles within educational institutions.
  • Research and Critical Thinking: Develop research skills and a critical thinking mindset, empowering educators to contribute to educational research and innovation in the field.

UITTR Highlights

  • Exceptional Success in Central Teachers Eligibility Test (CTET): Highlight the achievement of having 56 students qualify for the CTET in 2023 during their 8th Semester, showcasing the department's commitment to producing highly qualified and competent teachers.
  • International Exposure through Semester Exchange Program: Emphasize the global perspective offered by the department through programs such as the Foreign Semester Exchange Program, which provides students with valuable international exposure and enriching cultural experiences.
  • Engagement with International Faculty: Showcase the department's commitment to academic excellence and global collaboration through the International Faculty Exchange Program, facilitating interaction with esteemed international educators and scholars.
  • Success Stories of Alumni: the remarkable career milestones of our graduates! From Ms Priyanka clinching the top annual package (8 Lakhs) at Physics Wallah to Balwant Singh and Nilesh Pandey's esteemed positions as full-time educators in government institutions, and the impressive record of UITTR alumni securing placements in esteemed private and governmental organizations, our alumni continue to shine bright in their respective fields.
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Experience the entrepreneurial drive cultivated within the department, as seen through Rohan Verma's thriving venture of founding and managing a school. His success vividly illustrates the real-world application of skills and knowledge gained through our program.
  • Placement Opportunities: Highlight the high placement rate of UITTR students, particularly during their final year internships, underscoring the department's strong industry connections and commitment to facilitating career opportunities for graduates.
  • Research Publications: Showcase the academic excellence of the department by highlighting the publication of research articles by UITTR students in SCOPUS-indexed journals, demonstrating their contributions to advancing knowledge and scholarship in the field of education.
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Level of Study:

Under-Graduate & Post-Graduate

UITTR Departments

An Array of Industry-Aligned University Institute of Teacher Training and Research Programs for you

Dreaming of studying abroad?

Under Chandigarh University's International Transfer Program (ITP), you can also choose to pursue your degree in a top-notch college or university abroad.

Study Abroad Programs offered in the following Countries
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Degree with
International Recognition
Work Permit
after Graduation
High Visa
Success rate
Part-time work
allowed up to 20hr/week
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Degree with
International Recognition

A degree with international recognition will provide you multifold benefits in your academic and professional life.

  • Increases your employability
  • Magnifies the value of your degree
  • Reforms your professional portfolio
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Work Permit
after Graduation

The International Transfer Programs also provides you with the chance to pursue international professional prospects after your graduation.

  • Work Visa Rights
  • Applicable to any degree of 1-3 years
  • Enhanced professional opportunities
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High Visa
Success rate

Chandigarh University’s ITP does not only allows you choose from top foreign universities but also amplifies your Visa success rate.

  • Intensive Interview Training
  • Assistance in Visa filing & Documentation process
  • Career Counselling
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When you are exposed to a larger community and a larger world, you are bound to come across bigger opportunities.

  • Build new connections
  • Amplify your professional and social skills
  • Acquaintance with different cultures
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Part-time work
allowed up to 20hr/week

A balanced approach allowing you to pursue part-time work while studying.

  • Work up to 20hr/week
  • Manage your finances
  • Garner work experience

Upgrade your skills with our most sought-after Specializations

Explore your interests in greater depth and enhance your set of skills with the most in-demand specialization programs.

Our Placement Highlights


Highest Package


LPA National
Highest Package


Offered by
100 MNC’s


Offered by
304 MNC’s

Chandigarh University has Welcomed Students from more than 50 Countries

With more than 100+ Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral programs to choose from, CU is one of the highly preferred destinations for International Students.

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