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Best B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics College in Punjab, India

Dietetics is the science and art of feeding individuals based on the principles of nutrition. It can also be said to be the “science and art of human nutritional care.” Diet therapy and its application in patient related settings is a major focus of dietetics. Thus, the field of dietetics can be related to: (a) nutrition care and intervention focused on the individual and (b) nutrition care and intervention focused on the group.

Diet plays a major role in promotion of health and wellbeing of individual. Nutritionists and dietetics are concerned with this aspect. While dietetics is related to food management, nutrition is related to promotion of health. Due to changes in food habits of most of the urban population, role of nutritionists and dieticians is becoming more important. They suggest corrective food habits considering various aspects of an individual such as age, work routine and sickness etc. and thereby improving their quality of life. They also educate their clients about preparation of food according to the principles of nutrition. They know about food production and processing, psychological factors influencing food choice, digestion and its effects on nutritional aspects.

Message from Additional Director, UIAHS

Director UIMS image
Himanshu Tripathi

Additional Director, UIAHS

University Institute of Allied Health Science is offering five versatile health care courses including Optometry, Nutrition & Dietetics, Physiotherapy, Medical Laboratory Technology and Forensic science. Optometry is an eye care profession that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of issues relating to vision and eye health.An Optometrist evaluates vision and refractive error & its correction with spectacles, various signs of Ocular diseases, Vision therapy, Contact Lens and Low vision. Whereas Dietetics is the science and art of feeding individuals based on the principles of nutrition. It can also be said to be the “science and art of human nutritional care.” Diet therapy and its application in Patient related settings are a major focus of dietetics.

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Academic Excellence

  • Industry Oriented Curriculum Comparable with World’s Top Universities
  • Flexible Choice Based Credit System (FCBCS)
  • Project Based & Experiential Learning
  • More Than 70 Open Electives To Pursue Inner Delight
  • Advanced Technologies & Integration For Premium Placements
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  • Chandigarh University Common Entrance Test (CUCET)
  • Merit Based Scholarships For Academic Session
  • Scholarship Scheme For Wards Of Defence Personnel Armed Forces Educational Welfare Scheme (Afews)
  • Sports Based Scholarships/Freeships
  • Other Important Scholarship Schemes
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Patents since inception have been filed by Chandigarh University

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Open Electives are offered by Chandigarh University

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5 Cr.

have been kept as a reserve by Chandigarh University for Research & Innovation Projects

Chandigarh University B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics
Eligibility & Fee Details

B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics

Pathway After
B.Sc. in Nutrition & Dietetics


After you graduate in B.Sc. Nutrition & Dietetics, you can either opt for higher studies or take up a job in either public or private sector. The course curriculum offers prospering opportunities to the candidates in diverse areas, including R&D (Research and Development), the Healthcare sector (hospitals, clinics, health centres etc.), Government schemes and organizations, NGOs, Teaching and Education sector.

Role of Dietitian in Health Care

Their role is still unknown to a lot of people. Some think that dietitians, as their name implies, only give out diets to make individuals lose weight, whereas this is a small part of their role. The dietitian is the link between the patient and medical team or physician in assisting difficult decisions making about nutrition care. Asian Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASEAN) states that the dietician role in nutrition care has been recommended an adequate source and amount of balanced nutrients according to pre- established standards of care.

Why Join Department of Nutrition and Dietetics ?

  • Good infrastructure and Lab facilities
  • Learned and experienced faculty members
  • Advanced learning methods
  • Teaching methods including seminars, presentations & quiz competitions to enhance students learning abilities
  • Students to be equipped to give Diet consultation and Nutrition advise to clients
  • Pedagogy / Methods / Approaches used by department
    • Presentations
    • videos
    • Group Discussions
    • Seminars and Quiz
  • Innovative Strategies, used by the department
    • Students run a wall magazine in department in which they collect evidence based nutrition information and prepare it in easily understandable way
    • Time to time healthy and nutritious Recipe competitions are organized by the department
    • Students also do small scale research project to have an introduction regarding research

What makes Department of
Nutrition & Dietetics unique?

Nutrition has an important role in one’s life. Without Nutrition one can’t thrive. Knowledge of correct nutrition is vital for prevention of malnutrition as well as chronic diseases. There is no denial that if health for all is to be a reality then we must focus on a sustainable solution and Nutrition offers us the same. Therefore, studying Nutrition and Dietetics & its impact on the health can equip our students with knowledge and understanding and they can use it as a tool for betterment of health of our people. Department of Nutrition and Dietetics provides good laboratory facilities with all the specified equipments & all the basic and advanced nutritional aids.

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Vibrant & Multidisciplinary Research Environment for both students as well as faculty
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Emerging & enduring contents of the field are incorporated into the curriculum
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Regular Workshops & Seminars by the industry experts
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Dedicated Technical Clubs designed to enhance practical knowledge of the students
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Semester/Summer Exchange opportunities in the leading international universities


To emerge as an institute of global standards, with state of the art facilities, that will meet the societal requirements of competent and skilled allied health professionals through experiential learning, research and innovation.


  • Establishing strategic relationship with leading national and international healthcare institutions for high quality teaching, state of art research and creative activity.
  • Designing a curriculum that matches with the national and international universities of repute and as demanded by health care industry.
  • Contributing to evolving a sustainable healthcare system by reinforcing collaboration with academic health centers, government, communities and professional organizations.
  • Engaging students to learn patient- centered approach and evidence based practice, as part of multi-disciplinary healthcare team.
  • Grooming students as professional leaders in quality improvement and service development for enhancing well-being of society.
  • To encourage future leaders with the commitment to accountable patient care.
  • Contributing for creation of healthy vibrant and sustainable society, by involving the students in community healthcare programs for awareness and hygiene.
Vision and Mission of B.Sc. Nutrition Dietetics

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