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University Institute of Architecture

Level of Study:

Under-Graduate and Post-Graduate Programs

Architecture Departments

An Array of Industry-Aligned University Institute of Architecture (UIA) Programs for you

Under-Graduate Architecture Courses

Post-Graduate Architecture Courses

Mission Statement

  • Focus on technical academic excellence and core human values.
  • Foster creativity, conceptualization, and aesthetics through in-house, regional, national, and international competitions.
  • Implement a critical and transparent evaluation system.
  • Establish collaborations with national and international universities for academic and research purposes.
  • Provide innovative and sustainable solutions for future human habitats.
  • Undertake ISR activities for the upliftment of rural and deprived sections of society.

Best Architecture College in Punjab, India

Architecture is the art and science of building design that develop the concepts for structures and turn those concepts into reality. Architecture often includes imagination; the ability to order ideas and communicate them clearly; a keen interest in human behaviour, our habitat and the natural environment; and problem-solving skills. In developing designs, architects follow building codes, zoning laws, fire regulations, and other ordinances, such as those that fulfil the universal design criteria. Computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) and building information modelling (BIM) technology has replaced traditional paper and pencil as the most common method for creating design and construction drawings. Architects are licensed professionals and authorized to work with prescribed instructions of the regulatory council.


  • Independent Practice in collaboration with contractors and builders.
  • Work in reputed Architectural/ Interior design offices around the world.
  • Government Jobs in Architectural/ Planning Departments.
  • Jobs with LEED and GRIHA organizations.
  • Architectural Journalism and Photography.
  • Researcher and Educator in Universities.
  • Collaboration with NGO’s and Human Development organizations.
  • Freelance work
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Message from Principal

Director UIA
Prof. (Col) Gurnek Singh Toor

Director UIA

University Institute of Architecture (UIA) is a highly esteemed institution in the field of architectural education, known for its expert faculty and excellence in sustainable architecture, construction project management, urban planning, and other areas of global concern. At UIA, we strive to prepare our students to become core professionals in the field of architecture by leveraging the latest technological advancements and insights from the global architectural community.Chandigarh University, with its futuristic vision, provides us with the resources and support we need to stay ahead of the curve. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, advanced teaching equipment, updated laboratories, and research facilities equip our students with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the ever-evolving field of architecture. We constantly integrate new edge technological advancements and skill insights from the architectural stream globally, to ensure that our students are well-prepared to take on the challenges of the future.

Laurels of University Institute of Architecture



Among Best
Private Architecture
Colleges of India By
UIA enlisted as




Overall Amongst
All Universities
in Asia


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Accredited Programs


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with Professional

like COA, IIA, IIE,
Visits to

Projects Sites

Heritage Structures & Modern Buildings


via Experiential Learning

Climatology Lab

This laboratory is fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment so that students can carry out their study with respect to climate.

Building Construction Lab

This lab helps the students to practically see the building materials, their typologies, and specifications that help them in deciding their applications in a building.

Plumbing & Sanitation Lab

Plumbing & Sanitation Lab is equipped with the latest fittings, pipes, joints, etc. for plumbing and sanitation purposes.

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Advantages of Architecture course at CU

  • Learning by doing is a key strength of our courses. Architecture students are taught by conducting workshops and design studios working on wide unique live projects.
  • Interface with professional bodies like CoA, IIA, IGBC, INTACH, ITPI, IIID, PEDA etc.
  • Advanced Teaching Pedagogy: E-learning platforms, Credit-based MOOC courses, Entrepreneurship courses, Life skills development and mentoring; Specialization based departmental elective and 70+ Open electives courses.
  • Global Exposure: UIA has an extensive alliance with top renowned international universities in 50+ countries.
  • Consultancy and Entrepreneurship: Providing world-class infrastructure, renowned academicians and an ideal environment for Research and Innovation.

University Institute of Architecture

University Institute of Architecture is a leading research and teaching center for architecture. Our innovative approach to Architectural education is informed by cutting-edge, industry-oriented curriculum and collaboration with leading experts from industry and academia. Our facilities include a construction yard, building materials and construction lab, plumbing and sanitation lab, climatology lab, survey lab, acoustic lab, visual arts and graphics lab, consultancy practices, and curriculum-integrated software applications such as AutoCAD, 3Ds Max V-Ray, Revit, and SketchUp.All of our courses are taught in English, preparing students to work globally or to establish their own practice following graduation.

Le Corbusier's master plan of Chandigarh, developed in 1951, has greatly influenced architectural education and discourse. UIA's location provides numerous opportunities for students to explore the Architectural Legacy of Chandigarh through multiple study trips throughout the city and beyond. Our unique location and inherent potential allow us to train architectural students in contemporary architecture and design, while also staying ahead of the curve with cutting-edge technology.

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Dreaming of studying abroad?

Under Chandigarh University's International Transfer Program (ITP), you can also choose to pursue your degree in a top-notch college or university abroad.

Study Abroad Programs offered in the following Countries
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Degree with
International Recognition

A degree with international recognition will provide you multifold benefits in your academic and professional life.

  • Increases your employability
  • Magnifies the value of your degree
  • Reforms your professional portfolio
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Work Permit
after Graduation

The International Transfer Programs also provides you with the chance to pursue international professional prospects after your graduation.

  • Work Visa Rights
  • Applicable to any degree of 1-3 years
  • Enhanced professional opportunities
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High Visa
Success rate

Chandigarh University’s ITP does not only allows you choose from top foreign universities but also amplifies your Visa success rate.

  • Intensive Interview Training
  • Assistance in Visa filing & Documentation process
  • Career Counselling
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When you are exposed to a larger community and a larger world, you are bound to come across bigger opportunities.

  • Build new connections
  • Amplify your professional and social skills
  • Acquaintance with different cultures
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Part-time work
allowed up to 20hr/week

A balanced approach allowing you to pursue part-time work while studying.

  • Work up to 20hr/week
  • Manage your finances
  • Garner work experience

Upgrade your skills with our most sought-after Architecture Program

Explore your interests in greater depth and enhance your set of skills with the most in-demand programs in Architecture.

Architecture Placement Highlights


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Chandigarh University has Welcomed Students from more than 50 Countries

With more than 100+ Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral programs to choose from, CU is one of the highly preferred destinations for International Students.

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