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Chandigarh University
Migration Policy

  • There will be no migration in Postgraduate courses, because of the limited period of degree.
  • In the case of undergraduate courses, migration will be restricted to the 3rd semester. After that, no migration will be allowed.
  • Migration can be done only if the number of deficient courses are not more than 3 subjects.
  • In deciding the deficiency, special care will be taken that least deficiency is there in case of fundamentals and essential courses. Study of the subject will be essential rather than the variable contents.
  • CGPA will be calculated based on credits which he/she has earned in Chandigarh University and DMC will be issued for the subjects which he/she has appeared as per the scheme of Chandigarh University.
  • No student will be migrated if he/she has a reappear in any subject of previous University from where he/she is migrated.
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