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University Institute of Computing (UIC) offers an exclusive portfolio of multidisciplinary and integrated Computer Application courses that imparts students with the capabilities necessary for global competitiveness. Catering to the foundation of computing principles, business practices and general skills, UIC trains students to innovate, design, and invent products and processes for the emerging potential market. Credit-based curriculum, state- of-the-art laboratories, competent faculty, interactive training sessions, and industry sponsored on-the-floor projects inculcates our students with right professional attitude, both on qualitative and quantitative forefront.

Unique Academic Model

UIC has unique academic model comprised of teaching major, minor and open elective courses and project work.

Student can select the electives, open electives and projects work to suit the individual professional goals.

There is innovative and experimental learning through practical teaching, hands on experience and project work.

Brain storming sessions with renowned global, academic personalities are arranged to give students a distinctive edge.

There is online academic information system (UIMS) such as attendance, daily performance and uploading of lectures in advance.

Computing is not about computers any more. It is about living

- Nicholas Negroponte

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