Frequently Asked Questions

All the information is already being sent on the email IDs of the students and also uploaded on the UIMS.

Yes, it is highly recommended for the students to attend the orientation as it will provide them with information about various rules, regulations and policies of the university.

There is no separate registration for the orientation .The students will get themselves registered in the departments on first day according to their schedule .The schedule can be checked on the UIMS or on the university website.

There is no separate registration for the orientation .The students will get themselves registered in the departments on first day according to their schedule .The schedule can be checked on the UIMS or on the university website.

No, there is no charge for the orientation

Honorable Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and other Senior functionaries.

The students are suggested to move in the hostel at least one day in advance as per their orientation schedule.

In case the student has planned to arrive early in the campus, the university shall provide him /her with the hostel facility so that he/she can store the belongings.

It will be better if parents of the students also attend the Orientation sessions.

The university offers many Cultural Committees and several Technical Clubs at both university and department level in which he/she can get enrolled as per his/her interest.

Yes, the accommodation for parents is available in the hostel. The preferred stay is generally for one day.


All the documents mentioned in the checklist should be submitted to Mr. Bhupinder Singh, Office Superintendent, Registration Branch, Block No. 4, Room No. 102 (General Category) and to Ms. Radha Sharma, Block No. 1, Room no. 204 (SC/ST category).

All queries w.r.t. CU scholarships and Govt. aided scholarships will be entertained in the Scholarship Branch, Room No. 204, Academic Block-1. Ph. 0160-3014412 / 0160-3014403 Email:

Travel and Housing

Yes, we will run the shuttle service from CU to airport, railway station and Chandigarh bus stand during the admission period subject to the prior information of arrival in small batches. The help line numbers for availing the facility are 8146651560, 8146651570 and 8146651659.

The students are supposed to bring a lock with five keys for the room, one small lock for the cupboard, bedding, one quantity each of bucket, mug , dustbin, doormat, plate, bowl, glass ,water bottle, spoon, one small size wiper and personal toiletry items.

The bedding includes one mattress, two bed sheets, one pillow, two pillow covers, one quilt and one blanket. The bed sheet should be of standard size single bed.

The hostel provides the facility of laundry to students.

The hostel has three important levels that are Wardens, Chief Hostel Warden and General Manager.

Once you reach the university campus, university will provide manpower to the students in order to help them shift their belongings.

The students are not allowed to move out during the academics hours unless there is an emergency. They can, however, go out in the evening according the outing schedule by following the proper procedure.


There is a branch of SBI in the university campus near the main gate of the university and bank account can be opened.

It can be Downloaded /seen in UIMS Accounts.

Fees can be paid Online, NEFT, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking/ Cash at fee counters or pay at PNB/ICICI through Challan generated at UIMS.

The Semesters fees (including Academic, Hostel, Transport are to be paid in October/April every year for the respective semester.

Academic Information and Calendar

The UID and ID cards will be issued by the HODs of the respective departments.

The student can apply for duplicate card from the student care centre after due payment.

It can be downloaded from the UIMS.

It can be downloaded from the UIMS.

The university will set up student help desk at the entrance of the campus. The students will also be provided with complete minute to minute schedule for one day.

For the new academic sessions, the students are suggested to consult the Orientation Schedule available on UIMS and/or the university website. The classes will start at 9.30 a.m sharp.

On the day of Registration / reporting.

The students have to attend and register for the classes on the day of reporting as their attendance will be counted from the first day itself.

IT Services

Firstly Student UID will be the Username & Password for internet access.

The student's UID will be the Username & Password for Wi-Fi access.

After connecting to internet either wired or Wi-Fi can access his/her Email Id and other internet services.

Each block has the facility of computer labs where Lab Attendant will assist the student. More over each block has the library with the facility of computers connected to internet. The campus and all hostels has facility of Wi-Fi where you can connect your two personal devices to network.

Yes, it is recommended to have personal laptop.

Chandigarh university has information portal with the name of CUIMS and the portal web address is you will be able to see latest announcements about your study, university news etc. You can also see your attendance, fee status on your UIMS. The ERP is working to provide you more useful information on UIMS.

For this, the office of the DSW will provide necessary support.

Student Support

The Student Care Centers are provided in each Academic Block. The student can approach there or send their problems online. They can also visit the Department of Student Welfare.

There are many clubs and committees at both university and department level. The student can become the member according to his/her interest.


There is a facility of buying the same at discounted rates. The student need not worry about the availability of objects of daily needs.

The University Health Center is located adjoining the SBI campus branch near the main gate of the university.

The campus is known for zero tolerance for ragging. An Anti Ragging Committee and Anti Ragging Squad have been established. Apart from this, helpline numbers are displayed throughout the campus for the students. There are CCTV cameras on the whole campus for e-surveillance.

The university provides a conducive environment for the students. The campus is secured by security guards (both male and female) as well as CCTV cameras.

The students have been provided with helpline numbers for any query regarding hostel, transport, academics and other fields. The student can reach through email or calling to the concerned person. In case of any help or information not mentioned above, the student should contact at the following helpline numbers:

General Helpline 1800 1212 88800

Girls Hostel 8146651563, 7087118102

Boys Hostel 7087456666, 8146278666

Transport 8146651560, 8146651659

Shuttle Service 8146651641, 8146651619

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