World Class Learning with Blackboard Ultra

Chandigarh University Adopted World’s Top-end Learning Management system BLACKBOARD Ultra to provide best-in-class digital learning experience to students.

Chandigarh University NAAC A Plus Grade

Chandigarh University has always encouraged digitalization by keeping up with advanced technological trends. When the unforeseen pandemic amplified the concerns of students across the world, we adapted to blended learning. CU introduced the world’s top-end Learning Management system BLACKBOARD Ultra to facilitate comprehensive, hassle-free, and uninterrupted learning amid COVID times. We incorporated an invincible learning management system to ensure the best digital learning experience for our students. The advanced learning technology is used by 73% of the world’s top 100 Universities and, we are the only university in India to adopt Blackboard Ultra.

Why Chandigarh University chose Blackboard Ultra for students?

Top-end Learning Management System: Blackboard has a world-class LMS which facilitates unstoppable teaching and learning with regular enhancements without the need of downloading updates. It offers simplified workflows, contemporary look and feel, and a fully responsive interface.

Flexibility in Pedagogical Approach: Blackboard offers flexible features and tools that support teaching approach. With this, faculty find it easier to build courses and use the right tools at the right places in that engages students and optimises their learning experience.

Reflective Learning: Research suggests that using dashboards make a significant impact on student performance. Analytics for Blackboard includes a pre-packaged, integrated dashboard that allows students to track their activity relative to others.

Real-time virtual class sessions: Blackboard allows students the privilege to never miss out on their classes or drop out of the interactive sessions. It helps learners stay connected with their classmates and faculty/instructors with digital class discussions and real-time virtual class sessions.

Built-in tools: Blackboard has various embedded web-based tools like e-portfolios, wikis, and blogs for simplified learning. These tools help students meet project requirements and task deadlines in many ways. It also provides an opportunity to collaborate with learners across the world.

What’s in for students using Blackboard Ultra?

  • Easy to access on any device- Learn any time anywhere.
  • Simple yet powerful tools so you can check off tasks.
  • Set targets to reach your goals and get certification as reward for scoring well.
  • Self-assessment to Analyse your performance by getting instant feedback
  • Doubt clearing sessions in the evening for students to have a clear understanding of the subject.
  • Interactive Tools (Discussions, Wikis, Journals, Blogs) through which Learners can express their opinions about any topic.
  • Web Conferencing for Live interactions with faculty for prompt feedback.
  • Mobile Tests & more where Students can take quizzes and tests online and get immediate feedback

Invest in your Future with Chandigarh University & Blackboard Ultra

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