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To facilitate the architecture students with the maximum number of opportunities to put learned concepts into practice, Chandigarh University has housed various Multifaceted Labs. These fully-equipped labs are meant to bridge the gap between Academia and Industry, and provide real-time temperament to the students.

Climatology Lab

This laboratory is fully equipped with the latest tools and equipment so that students can carry out their study with respect to climate. This helps them in strengthening their architectural design projects keeping in mind the climatic conditions of the site.

Plumbing & Sanitation Lab

Plumbing & Sanitation Lab is equipped with the latest fittings, pipes, joints, etc. for plumbing and sanitation purposes. This domain is an important part of studies related to building technologies and services.

Electrical/Lighting and Illumination Lab

In this lab, students learn about the electrical services, wiring, fittings and lighting fixtures that are required in a building.

Building Construction Lab

This lab helps the students to practically see the building materials, their typologies, and specifications that help them in deciding their applications in a building.

Research Lab

It is a computer-based lab in which activities related to research are performed under the supervision of faculty.

Surveying Lab

Students undertake exercises related to surveying and leveling in this lab. This gives them hands-on experience and helps them understand the characteristics of the site.

Material Testing Lab

In this lab, students learn the techniques of testing compressive and tensile strengths of building materials.

Acoustics & Material Museum

In this lab, students study the detailed application of acoustical materials during their design projects like auditoriums, convention centres, etc.

Model Making Workshop

This workshop allows students to carry-on architectural design projects and building construction in detail. This helps them in visualizing their projects in 3-Dimensions. The projects vary from residences, hotels, hospitals, to large urban scale studies.

Metal Craft Workshop / Carpentry Workshop

In this workshop, students are encouraged to make small prototypes of brick joints, wooden joints, brick jallis, etc. to understand the building construction details. This helps them in visualizing application of their design.

Construction Yard

Such a construction yard gives an opportunity to the students to experiment with various building materials and see building construction closely. Practical experience gives them further clarity on the topic being taught in the class.