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Department of Medical Lab Technology

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Unparalleled laboratories and excellent academic facilities form the basis of Medical Lab Technology programs at Chandigarh University. Various exclusive laboratories accommodated by the department are:

Clinical Microbiology

The Clinical Microbiology lab is an integral part of MLT study that facilitates the diagnosis of infectious diseases caused by microscopic life forms such as bacteria, virus, fungi, protozoan and parasites etc.


Analytical Balance, Biosafety Cabinet, Deep Refrigerator, Magnetic Stirrer & Vortex, Phase Contrast Light Microscope (with Florescence Attachment, pH meter, Autoclave, Hot Air Oven, Autoclave, BOD Incubator. phase contrast microscope

Clinical Biochemistry

In Clinical Biochemistry lab, students carry out the clinical investigation concerned with changes in the composition of blood and other body fluids and help in analyzing enzymes, DNA, and other bimolecular to research the effects of drugs and food on biological processes.


Ultracentrifuge, Electrophoresis apparatus, Erba Chem Semi Autoanalysers, Vrtex, Mixer & Shakers, pH Meter, Urine analyzer.

Human Anatomy and Physiology

The practices related to the study of the structures and functions associated with the human body are performed in this lab.


Anatomical Models, Human Torsos, Arms, Legs, Major Organs, Human Skeletons Systems and Disarticulated Bones, Comprehensive Histological Slides of Organs, Sphygmomanometer, Stethoscope, Spirometer, Number Chamber, Simple and Compound Microscopes.


The hands-on practices related to routine hematology testing, limited coagulation, and various body fluid testing and analysis are performed in this lab to study the cause, prognosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases related to blood.


Colorimeter, U.V. Spectrometer, Photometer, Centrifuge Refrigerator, Electrolyte Analyzer, Micropipettes, sample mixer, complete blood count Hematology Analyzer, ESR equipment, waterbath, Incubator, Phase contrast microscope, Florescent microscope, compound microscope, needle destroyer.

Histopathology & Cytotechnology

This lab is designed with the latest tools and apparatus to facilitate the study of the structure and function of cells, tissues, organs and organ systems. It allows the microscopic examination of biological tissues to observe the appearance of diseased cells and tissues in very fine detail.


Rotatory Microtomes, Slide Warmer, Tissue Flotation Bath, Wax Bath, Needle Destroyer, Incubator, Phase Contrast Microscope, Florescent Microscope, Compound Microscope, Needle Destroyer, Slide Stainers, Centrifuge.