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Department of UIMS

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Practical learning allows students to feel confident and competent in the skills that they need when entering the job. Thus, the University Institute of Media Studies endeavors to impart all such skills right from start through training in industry-standard labs.
Various labs housed by the department are:

PCR Lab: The PCR lab enables the students to work with the news bulletin, photoshoots, video packages, & panel talks and provides the facility of green screen shoot to the learners.
Equipment(s): Multi-Light, Multi-Camera Studio Set-up, Chroma studio, tripods, Tele-Prompter, audio mixer, studio speakers, Mics & Headphones for quality production.
Radio Studio: The Sound Studio enables the students to work on various tasks like sound recording and editing, radio shows, docudrama etc.
Equipment(s): Audio Console, Microphone, Microphone Arm, Playout and Automation Software, Level Meters, Studio Monitor Speakers, Cue Speakers, Headphones and more.
Design Lab: The Design Lab is specially designed to cater to the graphics and design needs of the candidates. The students get to learn about various designing software(s) like Photoshop, Corel Draw, In-Design, Illustrator, etc.
Editing Lab: Editing Lab is completely dedicated to imparting the editing skills to the students. In this Lab, students learn about various software(s) like Adobe Premiere-Pro, Final Cut Pro and more.