Robotics and Automation
at Chandigarh University

A branch of engineering, Robotics deals with the application and design of robots and the usage of computers for their processing and manipulation while inculcating different disciplines to build, program, design, and use robotic machines. Automation, on the other hand, means using computer machines, software, or other technology to perform tasks that would usually be undertaken by a human worker.

Chandigarh University is one of the few higher education institutions in the country to offer a course in Robotics and Automation. The postgraduate degree in Robotics & Automation at Chandigarh University is apprised with leveraged technology, infrastructure, and industry patronage and amplifies your scope in the demanding field

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  • Level of Study: Post-Graduate 
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Academic Excellence

  • Create unbelievable models with world-class infrastructure and lab facilities
  • Scientific methods and principles of engineering
  • 6.5% CAGR Growth expected by 2024
  • Technology-aligned and Industry-oriented program
  • Engineering behavior of Earth materials
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  • Chandigarh University Common Entrance Test (CUCET)
  • Merit Based Scholarships For Academic Session
  • Scholarship Scheme For Wards Of Defence Personnel Armed Forces Educational Welfare Scheme (Afews)
  • Sports Based Scholarships/Freeships
  • Other Important Scholarship Schemes
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