Entry requirements

Gate Scholarship

  • University – 3000 pm Max 20% (Research Based / MHRD)
  • 1 Crore Total Scholarships

Internship Opportunities

Teaching Assistantship

  • 12% of the Intake - Subject to Max 5 Students
  • 8000 Per Semester – 5 Students

International Collaborations













Industry Partners

  • Learning on latest trends by industry endorsed certification program
  • Design considerations with case studies along with expert advices and sessions
  • Specialized training to students in relevant areas
  • Industrial exposure to specialized faculty members through workshops/ training by experts
  • Enhancement in current labs and establishment of Centre of Excellence
  • Familiarization with latest trends in industry especially EIA
  • Paid internships and placements
  • Creation of lab infrastructure and help in using alternative resource materials

Department Overview

  • Professional degree that deals with the planning, construction, and operation of systems for moving goods and people by highway, rail, air, water, and pipelines, as well as urban and intermodal transportation.
  • Innovation Courses and Projects focusing on Innovation, Ability and Skill Enhancement.
  • Regular workshops, hands-on software applications, simulation programs, training and internship opportunities for students in collaboration with industries.
  • Industry MoUs with Glass Academy (Saint Gobain), NHAI and Everest Industries.

  • Term papers are required at the end of a semester. It tracks and evaluates students’ knowledge about the course which is a scientific report or a discussion of an assigned topic, sharpening the research and technical writing expertise.
  • Quizzes to evaluate the knowledge accumulated about the subject throughout the semester

Course Overview

Master of Engineering (M.E.) Civil Engineering (Transportation Engineering)

The transportation sector has undergone a sea change over the past few years, as more cities pilot smart city initiatives with intelligent transportation systems (ITS). With ITS technologies, cities can gather and analyse data to design safer roads, cleaner vehicles, and more efficient travel. Professionals in transportation engineering careers play a pivotal role in the implementation of transportation advancements by combining technical knowledge and creative thinking skills. Government agencies, industry companies, and engineering firms all need insights from professionals that can guide the development of transportation projects. A master’s in civil engineering with a focus in transportation engineering will prepare you to design and preserve the next generation of transportation infrastructure.

Learning Outcomes

  • Consultancy: over 3.0 lakhs since 2018
  • Research Publications: over 450 publications since 2018 till date
  • Patents: over 50 patents by students
R & D

Providing The Most Conducive Research Information

International Faculty

Dr. Chitrakala Muthuveerappan

Professor, Victoria University of Wellington

Dr. Sanaz Moghim

Professor, Sharif University of Technology (Iran)

Prof. Sudharshan N. Raman

Associate Professor, Monash University, Malaysia

Message from the Dean

As one of the best academic offerings in Engineering in India, Chandigarh University’s Master of Engineering Programmes are designed to groom the young generation of aspiring professionals in the advanced principles of engineering, integrated with the curricular aspects of new-age scientific and technological advancements across diverse industry sectors. Innovation is at the heart of every engineer, and at CU, we harness the same in our students and develop them into highly competent and enterprising professionals who have the vision to build and design a smarter, better, and sustainable world.


CBR Apparatus

Impact Testing Machine

Los Angles Abrasion Testing Machine

Marshall Stability Test Apparatus

Pesky Marten Flash Point Apparatus

Crushing Value Apparatus

Compression Testing Machine

Course Roadmap

The course roadmap below will help you in planning your academics and
give you an overview of each upcoming semester.

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Future Promise

  • Ph.D.
  • Industry Placements
  • Research
  • Patents
  • Junior Research Fellowship

Learning Modules

Some of the many career options for you to choose from.

  • MOOCs
  • Linkedin
  • Swayam

Dissertation Domains

Design of Rigid and Flexible Footings
Subgrade Design and Tunnel Design
Landslides, GIS, Slope Stability
Waste Materials Utilization

Career Prospects (not limited to)

There are many career paths you can pursue in the field of transportation engineering, including jobs in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. The most common employers of transportation engineers are transportation corporations, construction companies, state and local governments, and engineering firms.

Pathway After Master of Engineering Transportation Engineering

Career options/job profiles

  • Highway Alignment Engineer
  • Section Engineer
  • Airport planner
  • Pavement designer

Top Recruiters

Top companies recruiting Transportation Engineers are as follows::

Record Breaking
Placement Numbers

52.11 LPA

52.11 LPA

36 LPA

52.11 LPA

30.25 LPA

52.11 LPA

29.16 LPA

52.11 LPA

25.33 LPA

52.11 LPA

22 LPA

52.11 LPA

Areas of Employment

  • Education (Lecturer, Assistant Professor)
  • Govt. Deptt. (NHAI, Central Road Research Institute (CRR)City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) Etc.)
  • Private Companies (Larsen & Toubro Infrastructure Development Projects Limited (L&T IDPL), Reliance Infrastructure Limited, GMR Infrastructure Limited, IRB Infrastructure Developers Limited, Jaiprakash Associates Limited, Nagarjuna Construction Company Limited, Hindustan Construction Company. etc.)
  • Road Construction Managers
  • Highway Design Engineer
  • Highway Site Engineer
  • Highway Testing Engineer
  • Highway Safety Engineer

Why Join Department of Civil Engineering?

The mission of the Department of Civil Engineering, Best Civil Engineering College in India, at Chandigarh University is to prepare the well-trained workforce of Civil Engineers who can deliver the field related services in a sustainable way, while balancing the society’s need for long-term infrastructure and the concerns related to energy and the environment.

  • MOUs with top-notch companies like Everest Industries Limited, Glass Academy and more for Industry Sponsored Infrastructure & Hands-on Exposure
  • Experienced mentorship by Professionally Trained Faculty & Industry Experts
  • Flexible Choice Based Credit System (FCBCS)
  • Value Added Courses for Placement Training & All Round Personality Development

Early Bird Scholarship

Early bird scholarship to the Master of Engineering Programs as per following conditions:

  • 15 (Fifteen) percent scholarship to be given to the students who have completed Bachelors of Engineering from Chandigarh University, provided they pay full semester fee at the time of admission.
  • 10 (Ten) percent scholarship to be given to the students who have completed Bachelors of Engineering/Technology from other recognized Universities/Institutes.

What makes Department of Civil Engineering unique?

Since inception, the Department of Civil Engineering at Chandigarh University has been at the forefront of creating a rich legacy of alumni, who have excelled in various job positions of the field ranging from academics-to-project management. Our teaching methodology ensures a perfect blend of theory and practice, and offers specialized knowledge in the areas, ranging from Geotechnical and Structural Engineering to Environmental Engineering.

Unique icon

New-Age Course Contents

Unique icon

Hands-on Training via live-practices on the construction sites

Unique icon

Regular Workshops & Seminars by experts from the industry

Unique icon

Case Studies, Consultancy Projects, and Research & Innovation as an integral part of academics

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Regular Workshops & Seminars by experts from the industry


To attain eminence in Civil Engineering by delivering insights on the cutting edge and innovative technologies necessary for higher education and to meet the global standards & challenges in academia, research and industry through latest tools and technologies.


The Mission of the Department of Civil Engineering is to:

  • M1: Maintaining high standards in teaching and learning by providing world class infrastructure, innovating pedagogy, instilling in students the ability for upgrading the program curriculum in line with international standards.
  • M2: Providing a flexible curriculum that allows the students to study the courses of their choice that will make them industry ready and offering programs in accordance with national policies to inculcate ethical and social values in them.
  • M3: To provide a fair and transparent evaluation system that will positively improve the competency of the students.
  • M4: Building up key association with driving national and worldwide corporate giants and renowned institutes for scholastic and in addition inquire about joint research collaborations.
  • M5: To impart hands on experience to aspiring undergraduates through interdisciplinary projects and for creating a collaborative environment open to free exchange of ideas where research, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship can flourish.
  • M6: Provide atmosphere to create civil engineers for the upliftment of the society through ISR activities.
Vision and Mission of Computer Science and Engineering
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